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navigates a maze with feelers that reverses the opposing motor
Hi all Thanks for letting me join your site Here is a bot that I designed for the scouts to build it was designed as a maze runner. This one was built by my … Read more

senseless drawing bot (from designboom)

I can see letting this robot go down the halls of many visually sterile buildings...I like the effect!


Bluetooth controlled Arduino robot. Send commands from a bluetooth terminal from an android phone to the arduino.   I'm using: arduino … Read more

You know, for kids.

This is an old project of mine that I think I now want to finish. It will be my first attempt at image processing.

Here is where it is at so far. More information will be added with time.


Modifications were made to a standard 3pi robot to give it most of the capabilities of the RobotBASIC simulated robot (bumper sensors, IR proximity sensors, line … Read more

Seeking knowledge to hack a cheap and small CMOS video camera

Has anyone happened to use something like the following cheap cameras with a microcontroller?  I'm interested in interfacing a camera with an STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller to record pictures or video, or to stream to an embedded display or wireless link (for example via an RN-171 WiFi module).

IR sensor

I'm trying to get the code for my robot right, but it is now working.

This is my robot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30712

This are the sensors i'm using http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=36_55&product_id=114

The sensors are connect to the digital inputs 6 and 7 from the 28x1 picaxe projectboard.

Inter PICAXE serial communications advice? -SOLVED-

Main code summary: The 28X2 raises a pin high, triggering the interrupt on the 08M2. The 28X2 then sends a number (1 to 5) via serial connection to the waiting 08M2. The 08M2 then I2Cs the correct bits to an I/O expander to turn on an LED pattern:


Maus LearningBot - State Machine v2


Well, after the couple of comments from this blog, Maus LearningBot - Family Challenge One (State Machine), I've done some reading, recoding and experimenting with some of the concepts suggested of how state machines should work.  I've now dubbed this version 2 and it seems to work just as well as version 1.  I'll try to explain myself as I walk through the code.

Why a State Machine?

Polymorph frame for a base plate


  • polmorph (of course)
  • 4 ice cream sticks
  • 1 long  and 1 short mechano panel
  • some flat plastic


Price: $17.5 USD

 Collected by one member
Adafruit has added to their shop a Slip Rings with Flange. Six wires 26 AWG, gold plated rings rated max 240V @ 2A. Read more … Read more
Autonomous, initially tricks and general behaviour, then walking around and navigating in future
Using a
This bot now walks! slowly...but it walks!  This is the project I am working on atm, relatively happy with the build now and working on coding. Also attached a … Read more

Have you spotted THIS?

Let's Make Robots!

So i found this when i looked where members do live.
There is green colour in the logo!
Did you spot this before me? 

Project Name: Simple LFR PID using PICBasic Pro Author/Designer: holy_rainman Read more