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Make a reusable robot base / power suply in 5 easy steps

Every now and then I want to test a circuit or a new sensor or even some new idea for code but I don't have a starter kit or anything. While shopping for some robot parts I had an idea for a simple base that could be my equivalent of a starter kit, a power supply and a small robotic platform. This is what I came up with in 5 easy steps.


Step 1:



Price: $0.495 USD

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This is a basic, general-purpose blue LED in a standard T1 (3mm) package with 0.1" lead spacing. Read more
Price: $8.95 USD

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This compact 8 x 2 LCD is great for small microcontroller projects where you want more than just a blinking LED for feedback. This unit uses the standard … Read more

NEMA17stepper 6.8USD/pc, pulley&belt and more for Robotics

We are manufacturer of stepper motors and threaded rod stepper motors.
NEMA 17 stepper motor 40mm long 0.4N.m/56oz.in price at 6.8USD/pc.
Really simple 3servos hexapod Foamboard strikes back !    It could get the Ping))) with pan/tilt servos  Read more

Ladyada XBee adapter, not so good for Pro modules :(

Hi, just a note to warn you, in the case you're interested in LadyAda XBee adapter for an XBee-pro module.

They're advertized as being compatible but that's not really the case. The PRO modules have a longer tail that goes over the capacitor in the bottom, which prevent placing the module at all.

The guide says: "Make sure the capacitor and regulator sit close to the PCB, especially if you're planning to use an XBee Pro module". Unluckly, that's not enought.

James and Ben are two robots that I have made to help teach the students I teach at high school about robotics. James is an obstacle avoider and Ben is a light … Read more



The goal is to allow 2 PICAXE chips to speak with each other via IR.

What receiver and transmitter have you all had success with. Where can I purchase? (links?)

Thanks all.

GRUNT - General Robotic Navigating Utility Trailer

This was an interesting robot posed to me by my mother of all the luddites I know....

 I'll spare the forums of the entire details of how this came to be, but let's suffice to say that we have a few equines on ourproperty and barn cleaning is not a pleasurable task.

PID Speed Control

Hello All,

I am new to the site and would like some help with DC motor speed loop control.

A basic proportional  control loop actually works.  The problem I am having is that I need my main power supply to vairy, yet keep the motor speed constant.  The project deals with a helicopter where I need to keep constant speed independent of the battery voltage slowy dropping off.

I have designed and used PID loops for DC gear motor position control, but I am having trouble using similar equations in this application that required speed control and not position control.

Play a traditional Chinese musical instrument.
Using a
Recently my son showed an interest in learning music so my wife bought a Guzheng. I decided to try and build a robot that can play it using just LOZ blocks and a … Read more
This is my first symet. The motor i salvaged from something or other, the caps and solar cell came from spark fun electronics. I'm still trying to learn basic … Read more