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LM324 question...

So, playing with oddbots distance sensor, the subject of using an op-amp to beef-up the signal was raised... I got a lm324 and did a little looking over the data sheets and quickly found there are about 4000 different applications for this little guy. Does anyone want to suggest a schematic that would be best to amp-up a signal coming from a IR photo-transistor?


Free Range Robots (and hallways)

Uff-da... So I have pulled the training wheels off of Walter and am letting him rove around sans fences. I have actually had great luck with pre-solving a lot of problems (table legs and driving under things) but still I am running into a few problems.

I ask this as an open question.

This is the Robot I created at the Campus Party 2013 :-) It's a small Robot based on the Analog Line Follower ALF, and is being controlled by an Cheapduino from … Read more
This is my first robot, a line follower. I got the idea and schematic from David Cook's book 'Robot Building for Beginners' at robotroom.com. Great book for first … Read more

Wanting to hook up batteries to 3 servos

I want to hook up 3 servos to some batteries.  Since it show it operate at 4.8v and 6v, that mean I need 6v to get the most out of one.  Does that also mean I just need 6v for altogether to make them all move.  They will all be moving at the same time.  I figure I would need more V then that but maybe it would have to do with mah.  Could someone explain how it able to all three use the same power source.  Also does having more mah mean the battery last longer or make it stronger??? thanks in advance.

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This 1.72" x 0.79" x 0.79" gearmotor is a brushed DC motor with 154:1 metal gearbox that has the power to deliver both speed and torque. These units … Read more
i finally got around to finishing it and making a video. It would have had a servo except i brought it into school for a demo on friday. I was thinking of adding my … Read more
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The 20-pin PICAXE-20M IC is an affordable mid-range microcontroller, offering eight inputs and outputs and 80 lines of memory. Save some money when you don't need … Read more
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Get all you need to start programming a PICAXE 28X1 - power, board, IC and USB cable. Read more
A problem with having scientific equipment on location over a period of time is the chance of it being stolen. This equipment can be very expensive (not my DIY … Read more
receives data from computer and drives accordingly
Using a
Hey everyone. If you know my first LMR robot thats the geobot you might know that am good only at electronics not in mechanics so please be gentle with the design … Read more
I love the Arduino and the flexibility this little ATMEGA328 microcontroller can offer. It is easy to implement in new design and to solder. I also have done some … Read more

Zezinho, the poser - interactive installation

This is the final result of the first stage of this project. An installation where zezinho calls for visitors and when a visitor reachs the mixing controllers he waits for new poses.