Let's Make Robots!

Workshop basics - working with templates

Just a quick entry to cover a point asked by Antonio about using templates.

I'll use an example of some leg components from a hexapod that I am working on currently. Here is how I made them to be accurate to each other, and also accurate to the design. I'll add pictures to this post when I get home.

The component is a joint between two servos, and is a complex shape - A circular section at the end of each joint with a curved centre brace between the two.

I will post a picture of it at some point, but it's essentially the middle leg joint of a bot like this:

Yard Gnome Blog (was Mobility Scooter!)



 I am building an outdoor robot named Yard Gnome to help around the house. I'm starting from a mobility scooter, kettcar and other parts.








Cost so far:






R2D2 Body

This part of my mini R2D2 project. i'll post all the updates on the main body in this blog page.

This is the first bit of frame with some extra bits. Those pieces are for two doors: one large one that covers allmost the whole back and a small one in the front.

First foray into homemade PCBs

**Update at the bottom.

  Alright guys/gals, it has been a coons age since I posted anything even remotely useful of my own. I have managed to break that trend with this 'bitty blog, somewhat. I say somewhat, because, everyone and their brother has posted a how to about DIY PCBs. I will attempt to offer some bit of information that others have not, doubtful. :)

Advanced Robot Arm Project

This is a long term project to develop a robotic arm that is more advanced that traditional hobbyist arms using RC servos without being so expensive that only well funded universities can afford it. 

The first prototype gripper used standard RC servos while we experimented with the configuration as shown in the first video. Once I had a good gripper configuration I built a prototype arm for it as shown in the second video. This arm used a differential drive system with the goal being to keep the weight of the motors as close to the shoulder as possible.

"Home Robotics" musings - what needs to be done

Hey guys. I wrote this two years ago before creating my robot. Obviously my vision has a long way to go. But I felt then and now that the biggest issue I could help overcome was the mobility side of the equation. Check this out and tell me where I'm wrong! I won't be happy until there is a robot in every home! :o)

The Making of Blaster Shark (Sumo)

Hello fellow robot builders,

Its been another while since my last post.  My building mojo has been renewed and I am starting a new sumobot.  The Vulcan Five is on hiatus until I can get the PCB replaced.  This time around I am building a minisumo which will compete in the upcoming Western Canadian Robot Games on May 15th.

iPhone as a robot controller made easy.

Just finished the vb.net app for controlling my robot with an iphone. It seems it is much easier than I thought.

The connection is based on Open Sound Control. The iphone sends special messages to my laptop via wi-fi.

More information on OSC. 



ezLCDuino Backpack

I am just going to make it clear that the boards are not currently going to come preprogrammed with some kind of serial LCD backpack code or other code. It will be up to you to program it how you please, but all the capabilities are there. I will be posting example code though and hopefully some tutorials to get started.

Hakko (compatible-affordable) Digital controlled soldering station

Due to recent  intense smd soldring work, my 25watt antex soldering iron was begining to show its limitations......

... so out with the old and in with a new Hakko 907 (compatible) soldering system.

Truth is i found the temperature controller first .... which was a godsend because the current stye of hakko enclosure did not "Grab" me.....

...... Creating my Custom Box is too awsome to even think about :-)

My system consits of :-

Emotions and Motivations as behaviour architecture

Hi all, a few days ago, I started designing the behaviour-based architecture for my robot Hurby. I thought to design it as a Subsumption architecture (see my previous blogs) in which different behaviours compete to be selected as dominant, and hence move Hurby accordingly.

Vacuum forming plastic parts.

Heres a few photos of my home made plastic vacuum former and its maiden test. If you don`t know what vacuum forming is check here, and youtube.

Essentially a sheet of heated plastic is placed over some kind of mould which then has the air sucked out from underneath it. The soft plastic schloops to the shape of the mould and when it cools you have yourself a robot part. It really does sound like schloop if you`re wondering.