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Do you have the undeniable urge to plaster your love for Lets Make Robots on everything you see? We might just have what you're looking for... Read more
This looks like a wicked cool board that takes a Picaxe (or any other PIC) and a motor driver, like a standard Picaxe board.. But way cheaper, and then on top: It … Read more
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This is the basic laser card module with circuitry built in so that it can be turned on/off with a TTL signal. Read more
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A very powerful 5mW green laser. Fun, but don't point in anyone's eyes. Read more
Conductive thread is a creative way to connect various electronics onto clothing. Read more
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This air pump really blows! This pump operates at 12V and has enough power for most small projects. Read more
These custom-made-for-Solarbotics coils offer a strong electromagnetic kicks for creating motion from interations with magnets. We LIKE these! Read more
Yay...Heat shrink! Never worry about connection breakage again! Use it to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed solder joints. … Read more
Every laser needs a holder! Read more
What is a 'laser card' you ask? It is the coolest thing, like all things laser! Read more
Caprolactone Thermoplastic - tonguetwisting mouthful of chemicalness. But this stuff is cool! You have to heat it up to work with it. Paradoxically, it still very … Read more