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This looks like a wicked cool board that takes a Picaxe (or any other PIC) and a motor driver, like a standard Picaxe board.. But way cheaper, and then on top: It … Read more
This is Robot arm Grip from Dagu. This gripper made from 3mm thick aluminium and comes with 2 servos. The gripper will¬†open in excess of 50mm. The servos provide … Read more
Price: $8.75 USD

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The Tamiya 70157 Universal Plate Set (2pcs.) provides a reconfigurable platform for building your own robot chassis. The set comes with two plates with gridded … Read more
Price: $1.95 USD

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These hexagonal male-female aluminum standoffs keep parts spaced 1.25" apart and are great for building a multi-level robot chassis. This 4-pack of standoffs … Read more
These heatsinks should work well for a SN754410 H-bridge IC or other 14/16 pin DIP.¬† If you've used this please provide some insight as to how well these dissipate … Read more
Price: $5.75 USD

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The Tamiya 70105 3mm Diameter Shaft Set provides an assortment of hexagonal and round shafts for mounting wheels and pulleys to your robot. The 3 mm diameter … Read more