Let's Make Robots!

Amazing animatronics.

John Nolan showreel from 2010.

I'm not associated with this company in anyway, but thought you guys might appreciate some of the animatronic wonders they have created.

Some amazing stuff, some wierd stuff, and some stuff that I had assumed was CGI !

You GOTTA see this Turtle Robot!!

This is amazing!!


My Chinese partner is talking to this guy about sourcing the parts or a kit for this robot...

Anyone seen / done something like this?


Regards, Terry King

...On the Mediterranean in Italy





Using Xbee for wireless program uploads and debugging with picaxe


I have recently tried to use my Xbee modules to perform wireless downloads and debugging for Mr. Tidy but have had no luck.

The Xbee is a 3.3V device so I have translated the voltages ok. The Xbee manual states that by default the modules work transparently. BUT it also states that the idle state should be high, picaxe wants a low idle state so perhaps I just need to invert the signals. The next problem then is do I invert on the PC side as well??

Question:- How could the ShoutBox be displayed on a separate Serial LCD screen

I have a simple question and project that may be "Fun" and quite practical for all Avid "SHOUTBOX" user.

It would be real cool to have a separate 2 or 4 line serial LCD next to your compy displaying shoutbox updates .YAY.

Question :- how on earth could i "parse" the LMR webpage ?

                   ......extract the shoutbox data ?

Issue with Arduino Uno/Motor Shield r3 - Code or faulty power connection or both?

First post and second robot build (first was the Build your first robot from the Popular Mechanics magazine).  I am having an issue and seeing if I can get some assistance.

My journey into building a 3d printer from old printer parts

Just because I've got nothing better to do with all my free time....

  (copy of by blog at http://arduino-pi.blogspot.ca/ )

RC RF directional beacon

I am still wondering if it is possible to create a simple, cheap, fairly accurate, directional beacon for outdoor use. And I keep thinking I should try to re-purpose an RC transmitter. So here it goes:

Would you deem it possible to create a directional antenna for an RC transmitter?

Would this antenna be able to rotate? Fully continous, or just 360 CW followed by 360 CCW?

Which RC system would you consider? There are so many frequencies in use. And modulation types.

Arduino Scan Function

This is for another project beside the LED cube i started on. (I messed up real bad so I'm moving on). I need to get my Arduino to run a scan function. But I need it to run only once in the loop. I need it to send variables to other functions. It's kinda hard to explain, so i'll map it out a bit.

void setup(){

All this good setup stuff...



void loop(){

Worldwide Free Shipping. Why Does That Work?

Wether you order one chip, two microcontrollers, ten servos, hundred toys or thousand LEDs - you can
order them Worldwide Free Shipping from China.

When I think about that and all the hands my order go through from the online shop through local post through customs through harbor through another harbor through customs through trucks through local post to my mailbox. Shure there are even more steps and hands the order goes through.

Artificial Intelligence Questionaire

Hi Guys,

I'm new to robots etc. I am currently doing a school project on artificial intelligence and wanted to do some research. I thought why not go talk to the experts so here I am. I have already done some background research and already know the general definition but part of the project requires me to gain information from a range of sources. This is a kind of questionaire/interview to gain new sources from experts.

feasibility of DIY wireless headphone kit

So, I was searching the market for what my wireless headphone options were and got quite disappointed.

As it seems, wireless used is either IR, RF (on the FM/UHF band) and Bluetooth (also 2.4Ghz seemingly working in the router's norm).

IR ... needs line of sight, small range...
RF... prone to interferences
Bluetooth... small range
2.4GHz... some reviews said they interfered with the home wireless routers


Amazing amount of moving parts

It's amazing what people do with legos but how do they get so many parts in the first place. This contraption is mind blowing in the amount of moving parts. Warning - you may want to turn down your volume.

LMR IV Update

I was pestering FritsL the other night with my curiosity about LMR IV.  (Not that there's anything wrong with the way things are-after all, Kariloy is back in the Shout Box after a week off and people are requesting code there again.  All the robot elders make regular appearances and new content is added daily, and we have, as always, knowledgeable and exciting new members in and out.)  Still, change it is a coming.  Eventually.  In any case, this is a snippet of FritsL's explanation of what's going on:

Gait design

Where can I find some practical information about designing and programming gaits for quadrupeds and hexapods? 

There's plenty of theoretical mathematics on the web but I'm looking for a straight forward practical basics. I'll look at the sophisticated methods later.

Did the majority of robot builders here use a "start from scratch" trial and error approach?