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Bootloader burning problem


I've been trying to bootload an AtMega328 for a while now but the chip simply isn't complying.I've followed the instructions given on this link http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoToBreadboard and not using the minimal configuration.

 I've tried it several times and rechecked pin connections and they all seem fine.Btw, I'm using arduino duemilanove as an isp .Everytime i'm getting an error:

protocol error,expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Amazing amount of moving parts

It's amazing what people do with legos but how do they get so many parts in the first place. This contraption is mind blowing in the amount of moving parts. Warning - you may want to turn down your volume.

RaspberryPi - powered talking robot using Cleverbot (Idea)

I just got this awesome idea: https://code.google.com/p/pycleverbot/

I've also seen a library for speech recognition somewhere...

'Nuff said.

Considering I can hook up both a mic and a speaker, this should be awesome!

Oh and a WiFi dongle/ethernet cable.

What to do when you have a project idea but don't know where to start

Everyone starts at the same place in the very beginning: You have a great idea but don't know how to do it. What to do?

The first thing you do is probably (should be!) a seach with Google/Bing/whatever. Chances are you will get a bunch of links that have a lot of info that isn't much good to you in the beginning (but later on you might find they were full of gold). This means you need to break down your project into smaller bits.

Multiple similar distance sensor use for Obstacle Avoidance and Approach

Related to my post this weekend about Robot Size and Methods of Obstacle Avoidance but not limited to larger robots, does anyone's experience with use of multiple distance sensors (either US or IR) support concurrent use or alternatively suggest that the complications caused by their installation, interference with eachother and programming are not worth their addition?

Getting the most from an LED

Hi guys. I have recently written the walkthorugh on how to transmit serial data with an IR led and it works fine. Now to the next step: i want to achieve the highest range possible with my LED, without using external aids such as lenses. (that is: only with electronics).

Burning the Arduino Bootloader with your Arduino as the ISP programmer

I noticed that the Arduino 0018 software included the option of using an existing Arduino as a programmer for burning the bootloader onto blank ATmega chips.Below is my Arduino Nano configured as per the instructions.

This sounds like a great idea but I am having trouble getting it to work in practise. Usually I get this error:

Should Arduino based robot kits have the Arduino built in?

Now that I'm learning Arduino I've developed 3 Arduino robot kits. The first was fairly big and can take the Arduino Mega, Duemilanove or Nano. The second two have had the Arduino built directly onto the PCB so that little or no jumper wires are needed.

Which is better? The additional cost of the Arduino built in is less than buying an Arduino board and with all the basic wiring done it is much easier for those new to electronics.

Arduino PWM output frequencies and Tone command

I've been playing with a new oscilloscope Dagu bought after the old one died. I decided to check out the Arduino PWM outputs because I'm using an Arduino in my new speed controller and wanted to check if there were any differences as the brake function requires two PWM outputs to be be in sync so that both input are high or low at the same time.

The PWM outputs on pins 5 and 6 share a timer with timing functions such as millis() and delay() run at about 976Hz while PWM outputs on pins 3,9,10 and 11 run at about 488Hz.

Holder & charger for mobile LiPo batteries (Open letter to Jack / DAGU)

Since I had good luck last time (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7046) - I will try again.

This time, it is batteries.

As I was just talking with Gareth about, it is a shame that all the used mobile phones get thrown away, with nice LiPo batteries, even chargers.

And you can get really cheap LiPo's if you get some that should be sold as spare batteries to common cel phone types, or outdated models.

What I would like, would be a HOLDER and second a CHARGER. This would open a world for us!



Area mapping

I have (that is relative because I have not yet ordered my first parts from Robotshop) a PING ultrasonic sensor. I'll be having an arduino mini - though I'll no doubt buy something bigger after - and I wonder if I can efficiently make my upcoming rover (differentially driven, nothing special really) map it's surrounding area using a grid. Is it possible or will I run short on memory with the arduino mini? And more importantly, I need help with the code (I have 0 experience with code, though I have enough theory I guess...). Any suggestions are appreciated.

I am confused about how to use LiPo batteries

Hi all,

I am currently working on a new robot and I will soon have to choose a way to feed it with power.

I've been reading about LiPo batteries, but I am still confused about how to integrate this kind of power supply in a robot. Here are a few questions I have in mind :

How to run low volt LED with high voltage?

I'm trying to put in a small indicator LED in my car that turns on whenever the brake lights come on.  I want to wire it to the same power line that the brake lights are attached to, so that whenever the switch is pressed and the brakes come on, that same power turns on the indicator LED.

Now, I'm aware I could just get a 12 volt LED, but I really don't want to do this.  It's not as much about functionality as it is about my personal learning.

College Credit for Your Robotics Projects

Check out Open Robotics University: http://www.openroboticsuniversity.net/  Earn college credit for your robotics projects. Invitation extended to all roboticist to teach a class at the university.