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LCD03 and PICAXE 28 pin Project Board


Does anyone know how to connect a LCD03 to a picaxe 28x project board?

EDIT: I've already connected the LCD successfully to the board :D.

Robots charging robots

I've had a recent glut of "good ideas" recently and one might help along my swarm dream. I always wanted a bunch of little robots that could assist each other in some way. The aforementioned idea would take a Joule Thief running off of a fully-charged robot's battery pack and use it to give a dead battery on another robot a quick boost to help it get out of the dark and back to a better lit area (bots would normally recharge in the sun).

super cheap video recorder


Anyone tried one of these (or similar):


I am tempted to get one. Around $8 to the US. I would just about double my investment putting a micro SD card in it. I would really like to find it as a component that cheap, but I haven't seen one. I guess I could rig a servo to press the power button and then the record button.

Enter the MAKE Volume 27 Robot Contest!

Make: Magazine is running a contest for robots which demonstrate the most character, what will you enter?


From Make: Online;

Mosquito killer robot

I am from south India My neighboring village is suffering from mosquitoes

Are you ready for the next LMR robotics challenge?


Are you ready for the next LMR robotics challenge?

After the success of my last game Cross the Gap. We had to give you guys another challenge of equal difficulty for you to rack your brains around. Its your chance to come up with creative solutions to win robot related prizes! This time we have asked a guest game official to be the judge of the event and to pick the game winners.


The Game:

Multicopters building a wall


It'd be fairly simple to adapt the thinking to less hard to work with robots, I think it's inspiring :)

Videos for LMRv4 Fundraising


Make Some Videos!

I'm encouraging people to record a 30 second or less video at home and send me the file, or link on YouTube or other hosting site. Doug and I will compile a video of LMR members explaining why LMR is so important to us, and asking for support. If we show the world how much we care about LMR, and what this community has done for us, they'll care too. Maybe enough to contribute a few bucks.

I've linked the videos I've received so far at the bottom of this post.


Need some help with a few components.

Hey guys!

Im gonna start up on a RC tracked robot in a while, but im still at bit lost on what motors and controller i should use.

I have read about the Sabertooth2x25 and it seems like it's easy to use. I've found it to around 100$ which I think is quiet expencive. Is there any alternative that is easy to use?

I was thinking about using it with thies two motors with the following specs:

Particle Filter Localization


I am reading and researching about particle filters. I understand doing a full implementation of a SLAM would not be suitable if we are using things like IR sensors, Sonars, etc. So instead of making a SLAM I decided to make a particle filter.

Simple Encoder Kit

DAGU is now releasing a simple, low cost, encoder kit. This kit consist of two hall effect sensors and two 8-pole nedymium magnets with rubber hubs. The rubber hubs will easily push onto most motor shafts or a small screw.


Finaly, after years of waiting, the killer app is here: ArduinoDroid an app that allows one to program an Arduino board from a tablet or (some) phone. Yeah, now you can pack light for that robotic contest or conference, no need to carry the whole laptop, just a tiny 7" tablet that you can also use to read, watch movies, play games... or quickly tweak your sumo robot's code.

Multiple similar distance sensor use for Obstacle Avoidance and Approach

Related to my post this weekend about Robot Size and Methods of Obstacle Avoidance but not limited to larger robots, does anyone's experience with use of multiple distance sensors (either US or IR) support concurrent use or alternatively suggest that the complications caused by their installation, interference with eachother and programming are not worth their addition?

Homemade Artificial Muscles from Nylon Fishing Line

There was an exciting discovery that hit the news last month -- researchers at the University of Texas learned that appropriately coiled nylon monofilament line could be used to make heat-activated artificial muscles. Here's an article on it: http://io9.com/scientists-just-created-some-of-the-most-powerful-muscl-1526957560  I've had some success duplicating their work as a hobbyist -- in particular, I've gotten one of these muscles to lift a suspended ferrite core about a centimeter, then relax again.

PICAXE Sound Detector Circuit



The circuit above is how to hook up a microphone to a picaxe to either have it detect the presence of sound (using a digital pin) or the sound level (readadc). The question I have is in a couple spots it connects a capacitor to the middle of a resistor. Does this mean you connect it to both sides of the resistor?