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Which Wireless Camera you Recommend?

Hello LMR!

I recently came up with the idea of making my own surveillance robot.

From what I´ve seen until now, all of them have a wireless camera built-in to allow remote control or just a view from the vehicle.

So after seeing some of you have used wireless cameras in your projects, what would you recommend?

I´ve done a little research and came up with this one (I don´t want to waste more than 30$ on one)


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Controlling servo with PC using Visual Basic and PICAXE 08M

i am attempting to control a servo by clicking a button on my PC. From what i understand i have to use Visual Basic. i have not used VB before and dont really understand it. i noticed this instructable http://www.instructables.com/id/Control-real-world-devices-with-your-PC/ and have tried to build the circuit many times but it just isnt working.

Need some help with a few components.

Hey guys!

Im gonna start up on a RC tracked robot in a while, but im still at bit lost on what motors and controller i should use.

I have read about the Sabertooth2x25 and it seems like it's easy to use. I've found it to around 100$ which I think is quiet expencive. Is there any alternative that is easy to use?

I was thinking about using it with thies two motors with the following specs:

solar powered robots

Hey guys I have a small problem I can't get my head around (I only have very basic electronics knowledge) and was hoping someone smarter than me could help.

I am looking to power a small robot by solar panels directly driven by the power generated from the solar cells. I understand to do that you generally need a few volts more than the battery that is usually powering said robot due to various reasons. 

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On-board charger


I am redoing the power system of my robot that I built last year to increase safety (preventing shorts, adding emergency cut-off,etc),  convience (adding master switch and switches for each sub system rather than connecting battery connectors) and bling (blue 7-segment displays that show voltage for each sub-system).  

28x2 Board --Your Wish List

Well, with all this Walter work going on, I find myself sorta longing for a small, fun tabletop robot --just to play with. I was looking at the standard picaxe 28x board and again, I remember how much it really sucks. No EEPROM space, ADC's have the data pin in the center, no HPWM output to the motor driver etc. etc. I know I have asked this in the past, but my PCB designing skills have gotten a lot better sense then. So, I ask again...

What pisses you off about the current 28x picaxe board and what would you want if you could have anything?


Building a Universal RF Remote - Questions

More Recent UPDATE: the competed remote can be found here. Thanks to fritsl and rik for their respective helpfulness.

UPDATE: Attached (and blurrily pictured below) is my schematic that i think will work for this remote. Yes I drew it in paint, Yes it took too long:

*The "To Breadboard" leads are included so that the remote may also serve as a portable power supply.




Picaxe and Arduino- all on one board

Well here is the idea. A board with a Picaxe and a Arduino on it (Picaxe 28x2 and Arduino 328). It will have I/Os from both of them and one programming port. There will be space for both chips. You can use one, or the other, or both. Maybe use one as a slave. I would think this would be good for people who want to start off and cant decide between either. A side by side comparison if you will. All programmed with one port and one FTDI cable. I have started work on a schematic. Any comments / ideas? I have researched programming a Picaxe with a Arduino FTDI cable.


Look at the speed and reaction. That's kinda..........fast!
(Did you FASTFORWARD the video?!)

Particle Filter Localization


I am reading and researching about particle filters. I understand doing a full implementation of a SLAM would not be suitable if we are using things like IR sensors, Sonars, etc. So instead of making a SLAM I decided to make a particle filter.

Simple Encoder Kit

DAGU is now releasing a simple, low cost, encoder kit. This kit consist of two hall effect sensors and two 8-pole nedymium magnets with rubber hubs. The rubber hubs will easily push onto most motor shafts or a small screw.

Response time slow on Python pySerial, RPi, and Arduino orchestration

I'm working on learning Python and orchestrating my Raspberry Pi to be my bot's brain.  Currently, my plan is to develop an orchestration code between the RPi and Arduino+Motor Shield using good old UART and pySerial.  Right now, I've written rough code to cause the RPi to act as a fancy wireless shield.  It is suppose to capture key strokes and send them to the Ardy.  The trouble I'm having at this stage is with key presses not getting delivered to the Arduino quick enough.  Also, if the key is held down, the key is not repeated like hoped.

How to build a delta 3d printer?

Dear: LMR

Hello LMR it is me Noah again. You should know for the past few weeks I have been trying to make a 3d printer. I have given up on my original designs. You see I had an idea for a 3d printer that was too diffucult for me to build which was a soft robot arm 3d printer but it was a failure. Now I have decided to build a delta 3d printer and this is what I am trying to ask you.