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6 legged walker

As some of you know I'm going to built a small hexapod using 12 9G servos (2 DOF/leg). I have the electronics figured out, I will use my Bajduino 3A pcb (ATmega328 with 3A 5V vreg). I'm now waiting for the acryl parts so I can built my little hexapod. So I've been thinking how I'm going to program it :) Understand that I know very little about programming... So tonight I found a sketch on my harddrive named 6 legged walker. I think that I've downloaded it from this very forum. But I can not seem to find the robot running this sketch.

Name of parts for a project, help needed

I need help I want to make the quadruped of studikasus.

I am very new to robotics

link: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/34412

In the list of components he mentioned RST, GND/BLK Prog., A5 A4 A3 A2 A1 A0 AR,J, 7805 and I am not able to understsand the names of components, I have tried to contact him but he doesn't reply back and also I want to know what diodes he has used, so that his servos do not heat up.

Picaxe code for line follower



Chris the carpenter asked for picaxe code to line follower.

First you have to hook up the sensors to the analouge in. That is a chapter for itself, but in the end you will have a value for each sensor; 0-255

I have tried some different line-sonsors, once JIP and I was playing around with them.

Transmiting Video/ serial data

Well after seeing Jim lovells updated bot i've decided i want my next project to go towards that direction. Sorry i still dont know how to link the post right but its here, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6820. And starting either next year or in a few weeks ill be be the president and founder of our schools new robotics club : ), i think for the first meeting i would want to show a bot that would demonstrate a wide range of tech.

Basic Triagulation Positioning System

3 Friends and I are building an autonomous tennis ball collecting robot for a 4th year design project for our undergrad.

We need a way for the robot to keep track of its position on the tennis court (in doors) and we are thinking of using 2 beacons to emit signals with a receiver on the robot. Has anybody done something like this before? Has anyone heard of pre-packaged solutions that do just this? A USB module would be ideal (we are using a netbook to control the robot), but we are not at all opposed to building the positioning system from scratch. 

Robotic Ants Farm

Well, Aniss1001 brought up in an other topic the idea of creating a swarm of robots. This reminded me of an idea I had 5 years ago, when I was in the States and building Lego Robots. Funny thing, a quick search on the net at that time revealed several similar projects. Also, my inexperience at that time with non Lego robots didn't let me put it in practice.

So, here's the idea:

Picaxe and Arduino- all on one board

Well here is the idea. A board with a Picaxe and a Arduino on it (Picaxe 28x2 and Arduino 328). It will have I/Os from both of them and one programming port. There will be space for both chips. You can use one, or the other, or both. Maybe use one as a slave. I would think this would be good for people who want to start off and cant decide between either. A side by side comparison if you will. All programmed with one port and one FTDI cable. I have started work on a schematic. Any comments / ideas? I have researched programming a Picaxe with a Arduino FTDI cable.

Heat Tracking Robot Arm/Head

Ok, I have been wondering if it would be possibly to build a robot head or arm that tracks thermal energy. You know how there are special thermal cameras that show areas of higher temperatures in different colors? I'm guessing those are pretty expensive, so would there be a simpler and cheaper way of building a thermal sensor? I was thinking of PIR sensors, but they can't really sense how hot something is, just if what its looking at is hotter than average.

Festo robotic flexible arm


Nice flexible robot arm with gripper. No motors only air pressure.


How to connect Rover 5 with arduino?

Simple connection for Rover 5 to arduino.

It's possible to connect Rover 5 to Arduino withous a Dagu - 4 Channel DC Motor Controller with Encoder Support . 

Please manuals, tips, very new into this..

Thanks in advance!!


how can i determine how much max current can my dc motor draw?


Linux voice recognition

Allright Tux lovers-I'm looking for a GNU voice recognition system that works as well as Mac's (or Siri, I guess.) Wifi dependent or embedded, whichever, for a SBC (Beagle/Raspberry/Panda, you get the idea. Any suggestions?

Charging batteries

Hi I would like to make something which can be charged Without taking the batteries out of the robot. I am thinking of using nimh batteries as I have heard that lipos are crazy and hard to do.

BLDC motor controlling, the hard way

I am going through two processes now...

The first, is removing the spider webs from electronics capabilities of yesterday ; The second, is (during this process) controlling an HDD 3-phase BLDC motor with arduino.

Yes, I know I can simply use an ESC component and save myself the hassle of "figuring it all out", simply plugging in the speed controller to the motor 3 pins, 12V battery and simple signal from my microcontroller (arduino) to set the speed/direction .. and voilla. That's it.

BUT..where's the fun in that??

The future of hobby robotics?

Hello dear LMRers! Not long ago I launched a blog at ohmnivore.co.nr . For a start, I wrote about an idea I had in mind for a long time and that has me wondering; why are there so little RaspberryPi-powered robots? I post this to stimulate a discussion about the RPi (I'm aware a lot more people will see it here, not at my blog). I'm too lazy to edit all the links, so the original version with working links is here.