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robots reacting to sound

I've spent most of today daydreaming about the possibility of modifying the 'start here' robot to include some kind of sesiivity to sound.

 My idea is to have 2-4 microphones around the robots body.  When the robot hears a sound, he compare the levels between the sensors, and turns to face in the direction of the strongest level.

 this way you could clap to draw your robot's attention, and make him act a bit more like a living thing.


That's the idea...now the technical side....how do i interface a number of microphones to the PICAXE's analogue inputs?

voice recognition robot

hi  i am planning to do an robot controlled by voice..can any one help how do i start with..its enough if i can able to control with some 5 or 6  voice commands..pls suggest me..


LCD and picaxe

I am just beginning to research lcd boards. I have been told to get the 16 x 2 Alphanumeric LCD Module,  would this work, (sorry for font) http://www.robotshop.com/parallax-2x16-parallel-lcd.html  


ModKit: new graphical programming environment for Arduino boards

I heard about a new graphical environment for Arduino boards, called ModKit, ready to emerge from alpha testing. Want to teach your kids (or a club) to program their Arduino robots? This is the best tool for the task. Easy to use blocs stack together much like the old Lego Mindstorms GUI, making programming fun to explore. Then you can see the generated Arduino code, modify it if needed and upload it directly from the browser. Oh, did I mention you can use it online?

How to connect Rover 5 with arduino?

Simple connection for Rover 5 to arduino.

It's possible to connect Rover 5 to Arduino withous a Dagu - 4 Channel DC Motor Controller with Encoder Support . 

Please manuals, tips, very new into this..

Thanks in advance!!

Dagu Rover 5 shedding tracks on turns

Hi guys, Hope this is the right forum. I'm building a robot based on the Dagu Rover 5 chassis and experiencing problems with it shedding it's tracks. The motor angle is about 45 degs. Anybody had any experience with these and stopping the tracks coming off (even on smooth hardwood floor) during a turn? I'm hoping someone has done a modification or something to keep them on, other wise this Robot may be getting itself converted to tires :-( Thanks guys Shane

Videos for LMRv4 Fundraising


Make Some Videos!

I'm encouraging people to record a 30 second or less video at home and send me the file, or link on YouTube or other hosting site. Doug and I will compile a video of LMR members explaining why LMR is so important to us, and asking for support. If we show the world how much we care about LMR, and what this community has done for us, they'll care too. Maybe enough to contribute a few bucks.

I've linked the videos I've received so far at the bottom of this post.


Work HERE on giving some of our robots emotions....

I am not sure why I decided to start this topic on thia area of the forum (other than the fact I REALLY enjoy my FEZZ Mini Robot!!!).

Do you want a robot that runs around the floor and its only job is to not collide with things (some robots do more)??? I want MORE than that! A rather simple simulation of emotion would be really cool and freak out your friends and neighbors!!! Its time for some AI !!!

Others, please join us and help this website do almost as much as some small AI laboratories have done.

LMR's & Coursera

Wondering how many LMR's are doing the coursera " Control of mobile robots" course. I have been blown away with the global response to the course. It's my first involvement with such a course.I last attempted matices & eigenvalues over 45 years ago. Bit of a challenge now but managing 90 % at the moment. Really adds another dimension to thinking about projects.

Test email service

testing the emain notifications

RC RF directional beacon

I am still wondering if it is possible to create a simple, cheap, fairly accurate, directional beacon for outdoor use. And I keep thinking I should try to re-purpose an RC transmitter. So here it goes:

Would you deem it possible to create a directional antenna for an RC transmitter?

Would this antenna be able to rotate? Fully continous, or just 360 CW followed by 360 CCW?

Which RC system would you consider? There are so many frequencies in use. And modulation types.

Arduino Scan Function

This is for another project beside the LED cube i started on. (I messed up real bad so I'm moving on). I need to get my Arduino to run a scan function. But I need it to run only once in the loop. I need it to send variables to other functions. It's kinda hard to explain, so i'll map it out a bit.

void setup(){

All this good setup stuff...



void loop(){