Let's Make Robots!

Where do you spend your robotics dollar (or Yen, Euro, Yuan, Pound, Franc...)

You may have noticed that Frits has negotiated some sweet discounts for LMR with a couple of robotics shops. Check the bottom of the main page.

Using an LMR discount code, ALABTU, you can get 5% off and an additional 5% is donated to LMR to pay for costs of running the site.

My question is, why just a couple of shops? Where do you spend your money? Let's get a list going of the shops where we spend the most, and see if we can negotiate some deals.

Verbal Skills and NLP

I'm starting this forum for discussing verbal skills in robots including but not limited to natural language processing.  I'd like this to be a place to discuss conventional and out of the box ideas for improving verbal skills in robots.  This could involve:

Incredible wooden mechanical machines video

Have a look at the engineering that has gone into some of these machines. I especially like the gearbox mechanism on the 2nd video to change from raising to extending the arm.

Doing "something" with my encoder inputs.

I have a Rover 5 with the Dagu red back spider and motor controller. I have connected 2 encoders (one on each side) to the motor controller / red back spider. I found the encoder library, and tested it. I now have 2 working encoders and can read the value of them with the example sketches of the encoder library. So far so good.

DARPA Robotics Challenge

Quote from IEEE Spectum:

DARPA to the robotics community: the challenge is on.

H-Bridge Motor Control for DIY Servo

I'm building a DIY servo for steering Yard Gnome. I'm testing some things out while I wait for the 24VDC 30 rpm 41 in-lbs gearmotor I ordered to arrive.

I'd like some advice on my controller.


Permanent Google+ hangout

We now have a permanent Google+ hangout for LMR users.


What is a hangout?

Google+ hangout is a multi user video chat. Upto 10 users can join the hangout at the same time. A permanent hangout doesn't mean there is already somebody available. It just means the hangout is never ending, it is always available under the same link.

Why should I use hangout?

Useful information for building robots

Just as LMR has a scrap book for our robots when they appear on other sites I think we need a similar collection of links to useful information. Although we can just post a web link, the web links can be about a wide range of things, many are just cool / funny videos or shops.

Ideally we need a database of useful information such as the tutorials written by LMR members plus information found elsewhere. I presume Frits is working on something like this for LMR4.

Computer GUI to Control Arduino/Adafruit

Ok, it's time to face facts..., I'm no programmer.

Integers, floats, arrays, structs... (Arduino)

I need a bit of programming help. What I want to do is sent integers, floats, longs from an Arduino to another Arduino using nRF24L01 modules. I use the RF24 library to handle the wireless modules. At the moment I only sent an array of integers from one Arduino to another.

Piece of my current code:

int remote[5];

LMR Bot Communication Protocol*

My xmos project proposal included (rather, was refined to include) a communications library to make it easier for the robots to share map data. Then BOA mentioned a communication protocol to allow different peoples' robots to communicate as well. That is a pretty damn good idea, so here's a forum topic to discuss and finalize said protocol.

Interfacing yor robot to your PC using Gobetwino (can work with any MCU)

I am currently working on a project where I need to teach my robot to "see" using an ultrasound sensor. In particular it must find and collect drink cans on a playfield and return them to a specific location.

To make the programming easier I wanted to take the sensor output from the robot and display it on the computer as a chart. As I am a terrible programmer I did a quick google search and came up with Gobetwino.


Just saw this posted, scheduled for January 7th. Hope I can get some toys here :