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Make Your Own PICAXE USB Program Cable

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering if anyone else has made their own PICAXE program transfer cable?

I had all the equipment to make one, 2.5mm stereo jack, colour coded wire, a usb plug and soldering equipment; so I thought i'd give it a go!

The connections for the PICAXE cable seemed very simple (having only Serial in, Serial Out and Ground) and knowing that a usb's connections were quite similar (Ground, Data+, Data- and Vcc) so I tried to match them up.

trouble running motor, IR sensor, and PIC on same voltage source

Hi everybody.

Well the thing is that 6 months ago i couldn't finish my project because of something wrong with the circuit.

Servo coding (solved)

It is working now, thanks to everyone who helped me out!!!



I am trying to make my servo work,but if I start my arduino, with code and servo attached, it just goes to one position and stays there twitching. Can someone help me?

second try

Fun games programming intrduction any suggestions ??

Hi All - I'd like to see if anyone can help me with a bit of advice slightly off the robot mainstream, but I'm srue there are plenty who can help me

I remember in my early days struggling with basic on my commodore 64 and what fun it gave me to finally produce a basic game - akin now to struggling with BASIC for the STAMP.

Sharp IR problems,,,

Even though i finished my SHR months ago, building this new one with my little bro is causing all sorts of headaches! My problem now is the IR sensor No matter what pin it is reading from it only ever reads out 134 or 127 randomly. I dont own a multimeter so I have no real wat to test the picaxe board. Any thoughts?

Recommendation in Plastics


I am considering using sheet plastic for a robot project and wonder if anyone has any recommendations on their favorite type of plastic?

I have seen comments on both expanded PVC and on HPDE.

Which of these do you consider  the best?

Also in what thicknesses?



New LBD geared motor for small robots

DAGU have now released a modified version of our Little Black Duck analog servo.

This is the Little Black Duck servo, modified for continuous rotation with the control circuit removed making it into a simple geared motor with a ball raced output shaft. This motor is perfect for small robots and can be easily driven by an L293D or a controller with a built in "H" bridge such as our Micro Magician.

Help with Micro/Mini Gearhead motors for tiny bot

Ok so if you've read my profile here, one of my goals is to create/produce a low cost, versatile micro/mini robot that could be used as a swarm bot.

Currently I'm trying to source some decent tiny gearhead motors for under $12 dollars. Today I've come across these:


and this



Also there are some 3V gearmotors of the same dimensions with varying RPMs (from 30 to 100rpm) available as well. The torque ratios are not given for those, however.


Hi, can I use in circuit however big capacitor or do you know some article about using capacitors? Thank you.

cheap sources for mini-motors?

I'm putting together a project for school kids, so I need to find a volume source for both small dc motors and servo motors.

Like this one:


and the ones found in lumi's ALF project



Autonomous navigation strategy: how to move forward from basic to advanced?

Last week my Rover 5 completed his first tour in our living room avoiding obstacles / no bumping ;-).

The Rover has the following sensors / inputs:

The Parallella Board?

I was wondering what people think of this board and the supercomputer that this guy built with them.

The Board:


This guy built his own supercomputer with 8 of them (each with 18 cores) wrapped around a gigabit switch and a couple of Intel I3 NUCs.

The Supercomputer:


Wild Thumper Controller - Packaged Software has Issues

If you are trying to used the Dagu motor controller with their Wild Thumper vehicle, which is great, but can't get it to respond properly to a RC tranmitter, make the following changes to the software. Get off D0 and D1 and move to D9 and D10, which are PWM channels. You don't want a PWM repetative pulses (every 22ms from a Spektrum transmitter) to clobber your serial interface when loading programs. This is why you get a sync error from the compiler if you follow the manual.

Perpetual Hangout

Frits asked me to mention that when there is someone in the hangout we can invite those that can't join on their own if they will post their email, or, their name on G+. He would like to get input on how we could make use of the Hangout

Thoughts? Ideas? Concerns?

Updated instruction manual for Mini Driver

The Mini Driver was released by DAGU some time ago. It is essentially our Magician controller in SMD format. Unfortunately the engineer who designed it does not have very good English so I was asked to re-write the manual. You can view/download the manual from here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B__O096vyVYqczRjX1k5LTRkcjA/edit?usp=sharing