Let's Make Robots!

Solar Battery Charging (2xAA)

I have searched the Internet for ways to charge batteries via solar energy. I know that I can charge a NiMH battery forever as long as the current doesn`t go over a tenth of the battery`s capacity (which is, in my case, 245mAh). Because I will be using two NiMH batteries connected in series I will use the following Photovoltaic module:  http://www.robotshop.com/ca/SP3-37-powerfilm-solar-cell.html. I guess that I`ll connect 2 of these in parallel which should give me 44mA.

AI Challenge anybody ?

I have found aichallenge.org like two weeks ago and I could not stop myself to play there.

At first I was thinking at swarm robotics but software only. In their challenge you will lose if you choose this way but you can use the tools they offer to build your swarm robotics farm, especially if you know python to customize the framework. The robots can be writted in different programming languages - I use C++.

Arduino/ servo/ RC basics

I'll start off admitting that I'm a complete novice at robot building, so pardon me for what is probably stupid questions. I have bought an arduino with the intention of building a robot and have an idea of doing so mainly with servos, and I know that I can probably run them off the arduino without any problems helped by the arduino servo library, but can I just plug them in directly to the arduino or do I need a resistor in between or something? And question 2 How do I make my robot controllable via R/C? How do I put those circuits(?) together?

Powering up DAGU 4 channel motor controller and logic at same time - Problem?

I have wired up my Dagu motor controller to the same switch that gives power to the logic (ie Arduino board) - they are on different circuits though...

The DAGU instructions say to power up the logic first:

"The motor power supply should not be connected without first connecting the +5V for logic."

Is this (ie powering them both at the same time, or the logic slightly delayed - it goes via the Arduino board regulator) going to be a problem?   Why does the logic need to be powered first?

Robot and Frank

Here's a quirky looking movie called Robot and Frank. Four clips at the link.

And here's another for a different style of robot movie. Archetype

They are like chalk and cheese but both look interesting.

30 Posts in 30 Days (Personalized tutorials just for you)

I have gotten to the point where I can start to step back a bit from the business (Rocket Brand Studios) and take a breath. I have everything refined a bit, parts coming in and orders going out is becoming very routine. This all translates into a bit more time for me to do what I wanted to do in the first place --get folks going in their new hobby. 

picaxe board not working

i was working on my robot, blinky, and all of the sudden he stopped working. i added the code, everything pluged in, and all batteries are inserted. 

Arduino and a Chinese 32 channel servo controller

I bought a Chinese USC 32 channel servo controller on ebay a month ago. Last weekend I finally found some time to try it out. But I can not get it to work with my Arduino Mega, actually I thought there was something wrong with the board, unitl I downloaded the Chinese software for it, which lets you test the board. I connected 2 servos and the sliders in the program let the servos move. So the board works when using USB.

This is the link with the manual: http://www.torobot.co/usc32-manual

Conductive rubber as a sensor

Found this recipe at instructables: http://www.instructables.com/id/Conductive-Rubber-Make-Touch-Sensitive-Robot-Skin/ Has anyone played with this as a sensor? Any pointers or insights? I don't really want to make a "skin" but an odd shaped bumper or two might be useful on an open ADC pin-think a custom FSR...

Custom Gearbox

Hey all I have built a few small scale bots and am now working on a larger 200lb bot. I was wondering if anyone had constructed their own gearbox for a DC motor. If so how did you do it and what kind of gears did you use?


Thank you for any direction you can supply.


Dagu Adventure / Mr.General - Is "turn on all the servos" an error of some sort?

So I've gotten my Dagu Adventure Bot running and have successfully been putting code on it.  I've turned off the sound, I've played around with the "light chase" mode and edge detection sensors, and so on.  So I'm pretty confident that the code I see is the code that's making it down to the bot.

details, details, details

I am still pretty new on LMR, and more on robotic, but I read a lot of pages, a lot of post in the forum and I still regarding for more details how you make your robots.


More details about the connections of different component.

more details about your problems and the troubleshooting


Also look forward for more scripts, more library.


When I go thru LMR, I feel like everybody save a little secret, not really share the experiences and the skills to the newbees.


Is there interest in a new BASIC compiler for AVRs?

I want to find out how much interest there would be in a new BASIC compiler for AVR processors.  I have been working on one in bits and pieces for about a year and a half.  I would like to get motivated to complete it, so I want to know if others would be interested in it.  This is a VERY large project, so it will take a lot of time.  It will be about 10,000 lines of code for the first useable release. If I really get going on it, I think I could have an initial beta release before fall. My motivation level will be directly proportional to interest.