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IR sensor

I'm trying to get the code for my robot right, but it is now working.

This is my robot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/30712

This are the sensors i'm using http://www.dfrobot.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=36_55&product_id=114

The sensors are connect to the digital inputs 6 and 7 from the 28x1 picaxe projectboard.

Code name - Atom

Oke, Introducing my first "robot".

Works on 2x sn754410ne, stacked on each other.

Arduino UNO R3

2 push buttons (left motor/right motor)

Tamiya twin-motor gearbox

Everything is powered with the 5V of the Arduino UNO R3. So no external power source.

Thinking of using a LIPO battery, but don't know which one, what voltage etc. etc., so any advice is appreciated.


Planning on making it wireless over WiFi and add two arms so it can pull itself on stuff and add a camera


Homing method

The only base-homing method I know about that works fairly well is the one that Roombas and the RBs use-namely an odd number of IRLEDS pulsed at varying rates on the base that the bot can detect so it knows if it's to the left/right of center or heading right for it.

Sabre explained a little bit of how the Hero 2000 does it, but I didn't get the meat of it. Of course there are "cognitive" systems like Loki uses, but that's not perfect:any number of things can throw off the sensed relative location.

Logic Joke

I had to share this!

how do i make sure i dont destroy my new soldering iron?

i did my first bit of soldering 'tother day using a cheap iron i got from lidl and one of those stainless steel scourers (you know - the ones made from metal shavings) to clean it...and i must admit, the tip has seen better days.

i was using the scourer as ive seen lots of copper and brass equivalents being sold as an alternative to the sponge + water technique as they dont cool the tip down... it worked a treat but the tip is now bright silver and a different shape...was this a bad idea?

How to power different voltage motors from same power source?

I am taking the "There are no stupid questions" comment to heart here.

I am hoping to power DC motors and servo motors from the same power source. The problem is, the servos want 6V and my DC motors are rated for 1.5-3V. A nice simple solution like a potential divider won't work, since each motor has a non-constant resistance, and a voltage regulator would be hideously inefficient. Adding a separate battery pack seems a silly idea, especially given the Arduino will have one of its own as well.

Quadrotor help

Hello all!

I am a newbie to quadcopters and I am trying to build a one.

How to turn my netbook into a robot "brain"

So I've had some experience with an Arduino and a BOEBot, and was thinking of taking another step forward.

Strange happenings - "Tesla coils" and one wire power transmission

I have been following this Youtuber aka "slider2732" for a while now...... and this video really spoooooocked me out...

......he is on my all_time "Hero List" now.

.... I just gotta try some of these out....

Juice Box Robot Plan, Needs review

***UPDATE MARCH 11: After reading the comments here I have made a couple of changes to my plans. I have replaced the PICAXE 18 with the PICAXE 28 and appropriate board. I have switched to 3 AAA cells as a power source and I have changed to servos to power the "arms". When I wrote the original post used the word "arms" as a placeholder, but while I always intended to have actuation it was never actually going to be a set of arms.

External Power to Servo

I understand the idea pos+ to pos+ an ground to arduino ground but my question is if lets say theres 3 servos rated a 6v max now would i need to a power source with a rating of 18v cuz of 3 servos at 6v each?

Arduino Serial Communication problems


I have been working on a cycle computer for a project and have a problem communicating via Serial data. I have tried the examples on the website and changed the baud rate and many things. Here are my current two programs to test whether the 2nd arduino is even recieving data. 


#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial mySerial(10, 11);

Needing Assistance with High amp motor controller for Arduin0

Hello everyone. i am new o the word of motor controllers. 
I am trying to make a 4wd robot capable of going offroad. It will be controlled with my arduino MEGA and XBEE. I have almost everything in check except for the motor controllers.

The motor controllers i have found  are dual channel controller and i intend of controlling 2 motors per channel. 
The specification of my motor controller is as shown below:

I have several choices i could buy: