Let's Make Robots!

In circuit charging of NIMH pack

I'll be putting together a 14.4v 5ah battery pack out of 12 solder tabbed C cells.  The raw voltage will be fed into a 100w step up DC-DC converter to supply 18v to a single board computer, and also to two

Annual Online LMRobo-games!!!

What if somebody makes an annual robo-games for LMR members that is held online? just like Robotgrrl's robot party but with games and stuff e.g. online robot racing, online robot chess games(for those who do have chess playing robots, and connect them o the internet and play with other people), robot catwalk, coolest robot of the year...etc. and the prizes would be certificates that can be sent and print by the winner, or stuff that i don't know.

so, anyone interested in this kind of concept?

Motor Shield Recommendation

The motor shield I have interferes with using interrupts, PWM and servo library. So now I'm looking for a new one, any suggestions? I have a proximity sensor set up as a bump switch and would really like to move the code out of the loop and trigger the code with an interrupt. The motor shield I have uses pins 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Pins 10 & 11 are the problem.


Have you guys seen this?
What an amazing design, and something to aim for! :-D


Waiting for my first ever robot stuff!

First of all: Hello and nice to meet you all.

Can I rent a supercomputer?

I am having hobby-fun with learning Processing (http://www.processing.org/)

I like how I can do millions of vector based calculations pr second. But I want more. I want much, much more. Millions of times more. I am having fun rendering particle systems / simulations. My poor computer is rendering day and night, but it's noway near enough.

I am running programs that save screendums as PNG, and then a second program (Processing tool) to gather them into movie files.

Trouble with arduino/processing

I've been trying to teach myself Arduino and Processing, and I've been hitting a few problems. I had a previous post Here, but it was getting a bit crowded with code, so I thought I'd start a new post.

Burnt Project Board / Need help

I recently attempted a go at the "Start Here" and ran into some problems pretty fast, 

as beginners, my freind and I burnt the 4 holes on the board that control the 2 motors, and when i say burnt i mean that the pins dont even solder properly anymore, ontop of that even if u can get it soldered too the board by using alot of solder, the pins just don't work, they have no connection. We know this because we continued on to the build and got to the programming, and the servo works, the distance sensor works, just the wheels dont work.

Low-power remote power-independent (solar charged) sensor node!

Well, for a while now I've been entertaining the idea of building a remote sensor node to keep track/record of my indoors "balcony orchard".

This project here will be my starting point, a Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node where most of the work is already cut out for me.

It's power consumptions are reported to be:

Sleep Consumption 0.14 mA

Swarm Robot build

Hey LMRians!

It's been quite a long time that I haven't been here (mostly due to being in the second last year of school and other projects). Recentlly I got interested in robotics again and I came up with the idea of building swarm robots (just a little group of maybe 10 bots, not 40+ that the universities use).

Here I want to describe my thought process a little and then ask some questions.

So my first goal is to make it relatively small, something of the size like the robots seen in this excellent video by the University of Sheffield (see embedded video below).

Wild Thumper 6WD with thumper controller - serial command mode and wheel encoders


First off great site helped inspire the purchase of a Wild Thumper 6WD and wild thumper controller.


Just completed the "first fix", where I have wired up LiPo, high power switch and thumper controller board, and uploaded the "default" Arduino sketch (from Robosavvy site, using IDE version 0018), but not yet connected any sensors etc.  I previously ran the "diagnostic" sketch Oddbot put together and all good.  Sketch from here:


2-Digit display help !

hello guys,

i have a 2 Digit display here is a link to it : http://www.ekt2.com/products/productdetails?ProductId=be2704fe-15ba-4582-9f2d-5e49eeb0eace

unfortunately i didn't find a pdf for datasheet i just got it on a paper from the shop

i managed to make a personal library for the numbers display but i need to know how to program it for 2 digits with arduino of course ! it's the first time i work with it so i need some guide pleaze to display 2 digit number for example 10 and going up 11, 12, ...

How to program a shortest path choosing robot?

How to program a robot so that it can choose shortest path between point A and B with obstacles inbetween. I am totally new to this so please please help me. I will enter the coordinates of the obstacles and the robot will have to choose the shortest path from point A to B


Much Appreicated.

Send data from Processing to Arduino

Hi everyone,

I am trying to send 70 values from Processing to Arduino (as fast as possible), in order for Arduino to feed with these values a servo driver shield. What I tried to do in my code is to send the data one by one and each time a value is received Arduino confirms that to Processing in order to move to the next one. However my code doesn't works properly. Please have a look below to see what mistakes do I have, or if you have a better solution for the procedure please share it! Thank you for you time!