Let's Make Robots!

AI Challenge anybody ?

I have found aichallenge.org like two weeks ago and I could not stop myself to play there.

At first I was thinking at swarm robotics but software only. In their challenge you will lose if you choose this way but you can use the tools they offer to build your swarm robotics farm, especially if you know python to customize the framework. The robots can be writted in different programming languages - I use C++.

Arduino/ servo/ RC basics

I'll start off admitting that I'm a complete novice at robot building, so pardon me for what is probably stupid questions. I have bought an arduino with the intention of building a robot and have an idea of doing so mainly with servos, and I know that I can probably run them off the arduino without any problems helped by the arduino servo library, but can I just plug them in directly to the arduino or do I need a resistor in between or something? And question 2 How do I make my robot controllable via R/C? How do I put those circuits(?) together?

Powering up DAGU 4 channel motor controller and logic at same time - Problem?

I have wired up my Dagu motor controller to the same switch that gives power to the logic (ie Arduino board) - they are on different circuits though...

The DAGU instructions say to power up the logic first:

"The motor power supply should not be connected without first connecting the +5V for logic."

Is this (ie powering them both at the same time, or the logic slightly delayed - it goes via the Arduino board regulator) going to be a problem?   Why does the logic need to be powered first?

Robot and Frank

Here's a quirky looking movie called Robot and Frank. Four clips at the link.

And here's another for a different style of robot movie. Archetype

They are like chalk and cheese but both look interesting.

30 Posts in 30 Days (Personalized tutorials just for you)

I have gotten to the point where I can start to step back a bit from the business (Rocket Brand Studios) and take a breath. I have everything refined a bit, parts coming in and orders going out is becoming very routine. This all translates into a bit more time for me to do what I wanted to do in the first place --get folks going in their new hobby. 

picaxe board not working

i was working on my robot, blinky, and all of the sudden he stopped working. i added the code, everything pluged in, and all batteries are inserted. 

A Servo Query

Hi LMR's,

I recently bought 6 servos from here: http://robokits.co.in/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_5&products_id=187 .

It says to be Exact replacement for Futaba S3003 and Hitec HS-311.

In most of the website and the official arduino page I read that u simply can run one from an arduino,but in my case it didn't :-(

Arduino bluetooth

    Well I want to have a wireless communication with an arduino and iphone i want to be able to controll a number of peripherals using touchosc but i dont want to use a xbee since you would need a pair and 2 arduinos (correct me if mistaken). I want to use a serial bluetooth module like the sparkfun thing how is it possible. I know how to use touchosc without bluetooth but the arduino has to be connected to the computer so please help.

Campus Party Berlin 2012 - this was the post we used for much of our communication. Thanks for fish.

Campus Berlin 2012 - A handful LMR members with possibly 10,000 other nerds in an abondoned airport

We have a challenge due to the way Google hangouts etc is working, and because people come with phones roaming etc etc - but this forum post is where we can throw in everything :) Low tech meets high tech.

And if you are not in Berlin, feel free to give us a shout :)

PCB fabrication

For those of you that etch you own PCB’s, -have you tried this method?
It looks promising.

Need Sumo built (as a gig)

Hey guys,

I have a customer in Italy that I have done a bunch of custom robots for. He recently has requested a sumo bot --a couple/few of them actually, coded and ready to go. Just like a toy from a toy store, but with wires showing. 

This is a real gig, and I will happily pass it on to whomever wants it and there will be a fair bit of change at the end. 

Gluing/Melting the Plastic on the Dagu Rover 5

Do any of you know what kind of plastic is used to make the Rover 5?

It doesn't have the "feel" of ABS. My guess is it's polystyrene.

free 2d CAD


Since secondary school, I've been using a student version of the cad package they use (2d design). However, it is awful, and is even more so now I've left, as I can't;