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dagu wild thumper batteries



I think I'm gonna buy a dagu wild thumper chassis or make something like one... but I was thinking...

the  motors are 6.6A max each, there are 6 of it, so you gotta be prepared for 39.6A max just for the motors... and I think I'm gonna do my own H bridge from mosfets... but whatever... I was looking for battery options. I searched on hobby king for lipo batteries, and I found that the 5000 maH are one of the bests, also are like $17 or something, but I just calculated here:

DIY H-Bridge for Tamiya double motor gearbox

Newbie alert!

Hi all,

First forum post here. Go easy on me. I have not been able to find a solution to my problem in the forum, (even though a couple came close) so I´ve decided to go to the source.

Is this http://letsmakerobots.com/files/H_bridge_single_relay_DPDT.pdf a good H-Bridge to use with the Tamiya double motor gearbox? If not, can someone point me in a better direction?

My apologies if this has came up before and I have failed to find it.



Best way to Power an 8 servo - Quadbot

Hi. I want to power a Dagu Qadbot without sources, only batteries, but don't know the best way to Do it. It uses 8 micro servo - 8g, 4~6V, and draw a current that I don't know the specific value as I didn't find a Datasheet.


So, as I'm almost sure that only Arduino will not be able to power the 8 servos, I'm thinking about 2 solutions:


1st - Use 4AA Battery to power - the Arduino i parallel with the servos. This way I'd power the servos directly and just connect the digital pin to the arduino. 

LMR Job database


Thanks for all the feedback :) We are considering everything while working on LMRv4 - and for now this is off the top menu on this "old" site.




Old post below:



Hi guys,

I am planning considering to make a new top menu item: Jobs (Well, I made it, just to see how it would look up there ;)

Battery Question

I have a laptop battery that is still very good these are its ratings:

Dagu Rover 5 & Arduino Uno /Help

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to make a robot for experimentation, something i can use in my studies aswell. I'm studying Electronics & Computer engeneering, first year, and i want a platform that i can improve in the years to come. 

I started playing around with LEDs and an arduino some time ago, this week i bought a Dagu Rover 5 with 4 motors and 4 encoders. The problem is i don't have the 4 channel DC motor controller. 

The best all-terrain robot I've ever scene

This was mentioned in a post awhile back (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27879), but I thought it was awesome enough to post the video here. 


how do i make sure i dont destroy my new soldering iron?

i did my first bit of soldering 'tother day using a cheap iron i got from lidl and one of those stainless steel scourers (you know - the ones made from metal shavings) to clean it...and i must admit, the tip has seen better days.

i was using the scourer as ive seen lots of copper and brass equivalents being sold as an alternative to the sponge + water technique as they dont cool the tip down... it worked a treat but the tip is now bright silver and a different shape...was this a bad idea?

A Servo Query

Hi LMR's,

I recently bought 6 servos from here: http://robokits.co.in/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2_5&products_id=187 .

It says to be Exact replacement for Futaba S3003 and Hitec HS-311.

In most of the website and the official arduino page I read that u simply can run one from an arduino,but in my case it didn't :-(

Now stuck with motors...

I am buying stuff from a local shop so that I can complete my projects. Unlike elsewhere, in this place, a motor is cheaper than servos. I have to buy from the motors on this page- http://www.thinnkware.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=39. One thing I'm stuck on is, my initial plan was to provide 4.8V to my board (ATMega 328PU+Motor Driver) by 4 600mAh rechargeable batteries (1.2V each).

PCB fabrication

For those of you that etch you own PCB’s, -have you tried this method?
It looks promising.