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How to detect ghosts and spirits ect?

I just saw in a crap film this guy who had some thingey with wich he could detect spiritual activity, you know the kind. "Oh there is a high level over here now.."

Now, since I started building robots, whenever I see gadgets like that, I know how to make them. Only I do not know what sensor to use.

What sensor would one use? Seriously? I would like to try to build one!

YDM for sale Make me an offer!

Hello Everyone,

I have a version of the YDM for sale.  It was first built by an engineer in Toronto and then shipped to Fritz to Denmark for completion. I originally wanted this YDM for my school robotic shows but it is too small for the student audience to see.

It works perfectly.  Although it does have one of its front drumming sticks bent due to shipping.

I will probably put on eBay if I don't receive any offers here.

Email me with any questions.


A question about hooking up 2 LDRs to 1 picaxe input.

Hey everybody. I am a long time lurker on this site and I would like to thank you all for all the valuable information here. I have built a start here bot and a few more complex things of my own. Now I am trying to build a very small sized robot with a picaxe 08m.

I am a beginner in electronics. I know how to hook up a LDR and read the input, but I would like to know if there is a possibilty to hook up 2 to 1 input. The problem is I am short 1 input on my robot and all the other picaxe pins are in use. The 2 ldrs would be used as left and right eyes in a sense.

Figuring out what to salvage

So I've got several computer parts lying around and while I was replacing a button in one of my mouses with one from another mouse that was broken I was thinking to myself what could I salvage to be used again?

So how do I know what parts are goodies to salvage and what I should throw in the recycling bin for computers(once I find where to recycle computer parts).

Prespek/Plexiglass shop

Hi everyone,

Anyone here know any  Prespek/Plexiglass shop in Germany that could cut the material according to the design from client.I'm trying to built a robot that have a complicated design.The design is a bit complicated for me to cut myself ( small and have a lot of rounding).Really hope that  i could find a reasonable price shop since this is just a hobby...

thanks for the help




A different method of propulsion using gears

Robotics software (LMR Toolkit)

I saw the program Speed Calculator v1.2 by djhesit8 and I got inspired.

Wouldn't it be cool to have a LMR Toolkit program in which you could do
many computations and simulations to support your robot making process.

Now my question to you is:
What features would you like this program to have? So what processes /
calculations are you doing at the moment that you would like to have

Tips for making a robot multi-task

I have a robot, and my robot has a brain. However, my robot's brain can only think about one thing at a time. I can set I/O pins high or low, and they will stay there until I change them, but that isn't going to work. Here's the deal:


Walter Needs a Mouth

We did this once with walter's old "eyes", now another round of brainstorming with his "mouth".

Walter needs a mouth. In the past I have used the "picaxe sound detector circuit"  modified a bit, going to a few blue LEDs. As a track was played (assume the track is speech) the leds would blink and change intensity according to the audio levels. This was ok, I guess... I think I might want to go to a "led bar-graph chip" with say, 8 to 10 segments. As he speaks, the bars could be lit --from the center -->out and with more bars showing as audio levels increase. I dunno.

Anyone using ROS?

Hello all, 

I just downloaded ROS and intend to begin learning it throughly. Unfortunately, I'm learning to use Linux for the first time as well. In the past I always used Matlab for everything because I was in school and licenses weren't an issue for me. Now that I'm in "the real world" and see how much Matlab costs, I'm ready to move on. Not to mention ROS seems to have alot of great people working on it.

How to make a battery charger (Question)

Are there any "rules" when choosing a battery charger? Lets say I have a 5v supply with 500mA current. What should the charger specifications be?

streaming video

Does anyone have any experience controlling their robot over the internet (not lan) via a webcam?

I'm trying to find some open-soruce code.  Preferabbly not C, but anything else would be managable. 

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

After doing some searching the last few days I've found that either there is very little information on people who have created their own autonomous vacuum cleaners, or iRobot has done an amazing job at taking up a vast majority of searches on the subject every place I've found. Given the high cost of the Roomba, and the relative cheap-ness of robot parts, this is surprising to me. I've seen posts for the crumbot, and the post for the bot using that $7 mushroom vac from dealxtreme. So I'm wondering, is there any more information available?