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Control Servos With PC.

Hello. I understand that this is a very broad question, and I have been looking into options but am confused as people tend to start getting quite technical with their answers rather quickly.

I am very very new to robotics, and would like to learn how to control servo motors via a PC, as in how to rotate the motor to different degrees around its axis. Ideally I am after a way that can control many servos at once.

08M2 had attitude problem; discipline applied, now behaving nominally :D

So this is for the hexaspider project I'm working on. Here's a rough timeline:

soldering alternatives - conductive glue, soldering paste ...?






Miller engine .... but it dose work

Ok it looks a mess but it dose Work .... So why am i posting this .... couple of reasons ... first off its my first proper working circuit and i have a few questions about it.

As i have  very little to work with im delighted to get this to work (hopefully that will be changing shortly .... just have to get paypal sorted with my bank and ready to order a few bits and pieces.)

How do you use a L293D Motor Controller with an Arduino MEGA?

I have recently received my order from ebay. A L293D Motor Controller for my first robot. I read the datasheet and other guides but i can't figure out how to use it, please help! I didnt order 2 so i only have 1, if it fries, i cant get another one or i have to make one. :(


For Loop trouble

Hey everyone,

I have a small programming dilemma. I'm working on a school project where I have to build a solar tracking platform on which solar cells can be mounted. The setup I have is a solitary panel, with phototransistors on top and botton. All of this is mounted pan/tilt style using servos. I tried to set up a for loop that would iterate through each servo position and take a reading from the phototransistor, and at the end the servo would jump back to the position where the transistor had the lowest analog reading (the most light).

This is the code I had:

The best all-terrain robot I've ever scene

This was mentioned in a post awhile back (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27879), but I thought it was awesome enough to post the video here. 


Rocket Brand Studios now carries the Micro Magician


A wonderful package showed up today and inside were the first batch of the new Dagu Micro Magician Arduino board. Put simply, it is awesome.



It is really packed full of goodness, with IR, a sweet motor driver, and even an accelerometer. Just a great board for small bots.

More L293 Problems-Any Ideas?

Here's the idea-to use the L293 as a one direction speed control with PWM on the enable.  Theoretically I could do something like this:

With a pull-up and a pull-down to the logic pins respectively to keep one high and one low.  The problem is when I tried it, this happened:

The motor never moved and the chip and the board are one now, I'm afraid.  Luckilly I bought about 8 of these.

We just have GOT to get into FPV and head tracking

Any - I repeat; ANY robot will only get better with head tracking and FPV. And while at it, why not wear a XYZ sensing glove.

No, wait, while we are at it, why not make a copy of yourself; You take a step, it takes a step, you look right, it looks to the right.. Or you drive a virtual steering wheel in front of you, while you have sensors on, and that controls the car.

Wavefront Algorithm Mapping

Hi, LMRians. I've been reading up on this Wavefront Algorithm Navigation and I understand bits and pieces of it, but not everything. I'm trying to learn up on it so I can use it in my next robot : Project 4L-FRED (Alfred), a butler robot. The robot is suppose to navigate around the house from the dining area to the living room and serve drinks to guests. The robot will have pre-recorded messages like greetings and stuff like asking what drinks the guest would prefer.

Course in Control of Mobile Robots

In the shoutbox we were discussing about this course.

Is this course something that brings us forward in the control of our mobile robots?

Is anyone from LMR attending this class?

rover 5 w dagu 4 channel motor control hardware problem?

I am running the dagu Rover 5 (4 motor/4 encoder verion) using a Mega2560 and the Dagu 4 channel motor control.  This is my first attempt at a robot, but do have some experience using several models of Arduinos and motor controllers. 

The code I used is from this first message (by Nick Gammon) and wired exactly the same: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=82618.0

Precise location sensor for indoor

The idea I have is to make a smart robot that stores information about the house. It moves around and keeps a digital blueprint of the room by using an ultrasonic sensor it detects where objects are and by knowing its own position, the robot will store the location of the obstacles so in the future he will know a path to move around it and I will be able to send hom to certain locations.

I was wondering what the options are for precise location detection in a house.