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Weather station project, Radio silence!

Here's a quick project update: I've been busy with studies, work and other stupid things and I haven't had much time to spend with really important stuff - my weather station project. Now that I finally got more time and spent couple of nights building I got radio silence! Oh ****!

Where to put all your stuff...

I just wanted to hip you guys to this one. I was at Staples (an office supply place in the 'States) and found some really great boxes. Actually, now that I googled to get an image of them, it seems that they are available in the UK as well --I should have known when I saw they were sized in liters. At any rate, they are simply awesome -and dirt cheap. The smallest one (just the size for resistors) is one buck (about 2/3 of a squid for the Brits).

"Really Useful Boxes" is the name...


Construction Details of SchneeBeast soon be found here on LMR :-

SchneeBeast (link is live for the moment - it will all become clear shortly)

...... here she is strolling in the snowy Appenzeller Alps .... but not for long .... do i hear Mt.Fuji calling.

Edit :-  "Waves" are starting  Gakken

Price: $39.95 USD

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This 2.71" × 1.45" × 1.45" gearmotor is a powerful 12V brushed DC motor with a 102.083:1 metal gearbox and an … Read more
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Start here kit posted by Frits---- Problem with Motor Driver and Sharp

This is my first robot ever, and I seem to have a problem with the 

Occupancy Grid Programming Help.

With much help and inspiration from Gareth and Grog (and others) I have a working Lidar (wiicamera and laser) system. Currently, I am using a very low power laser (while checking the mail everyday for the good laser to show up) and getting about 16" of range. For now during testing this is just fine. Everything is just in a smaller scale, but proportionally, everything is equal.

Cross the gap between two tables
Using a
  As I promised, I open a new thread about my robot which compete on "Cross the Gap" challenge proposed by Winfieldrobotics, here on LMR.   The ideea was to build … Read more

Hobbyduino Mini Bootloader ISP Shield

In a previous post I presented a revised version of my Minimalist Arduino Clone called the Hobbyduino Mini V3.0. Here a picture for reference.

Now, I would like to present a bootloader ISP shield that can be used to burn the Arduino bootloader onto blank ATMega328 or ATMega168 chips.  Here are a few pictures of what it looks like.

Anyone used the Propellor system + Spin? Thoughts?

Just wondering if I can get some feedback on the Propellor system?


Specifically this one:



In theory, it's like a multi-core Arduino, but without the Analouge channels. I like the idea of lots of cores, it should make coding easier - less hassle with interupts. I can cope without Analouge, as there is always ADC available as a breakout board. You can also call on a 32Mb memory via a shield, which is also nice.

Looking for SMD Motor Driver Suggestions

Yup, I am on the surface mount band-wagon....

This is a call for any and all suggestions for a SMD motor driver chip. The obvious is the good ol' L293D but hey, I am always looking for something better.

By the way, I am looking for something with similar specs to a L293 or smaller. I will be running a couple of those tiny micro metal gear motors or possibly GM9's. Consider the GM9 to be the biggest motor I would use (in terms of amp-suckin')


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Price: $3.95 USD

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A basic 12 button keypad for user input. Read more