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Occupancy Grid Programming Help.

With much help and inspiration from Gareth and Grog (and others) I have a working Lidar (wiicamera and laser) system. Currently, I am using a very low power laser (while checking the mail everyday for the good laser to show up) and getting about 16" of range. For now during testing this is just fine. Everything is just in a smaller scale, but proportionally, everything is equal.

RC car

Ok, so I'm working on a plan to bring my little brother's little Niko RC car (you know, these models that suddenly break down for no reason at all after three charges) back to life. The plan is:

  1. Yank out old electronics (fun job, done ^^)
  2. Test steering servo and current draw of drive motor
  3. Build new electronics

Step 2 will be done by tonight but I have a few hickups on step three.

Price: $21.95 USD

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This cylindrical, 2.2" x 0.98" x 0.98" gearmotor uses a brushed DC motor with extra-strong magnets and a 172:1 metal gearbox to deliver a lot of … Read more
Autonomous roaming using a variety of gaits
Using a
This critter has been with me for some time. Built around a (discontinued) Crustcrawler quadwalking kit, UGLY is now an autonomous 2dof, 4 legged roamer using a … Read more

Connecting a PS2 Keyboard to an Arduino

This is my first post.

My name's is Eddy and I'm a teacher from Portugal. I'm helping a student with a project - persistence of vision - and i need help on Connecting a PS2 Keyboard to an Arduino. The ideia is to type the letters using a keyboard...

I'm trying to compile this exemple:

$2 Elfish computer "BlueTooth" Upgrade

For the cost of 4 resistors and a $1.80 Bluetooth dongle - your Propeller chip can join the wireless environment.

....again the Propeller chip just bowls me over with its amazing capabilities.....

For more details of how to accomplish this....... zip over to Elizabeth Scotts site

EDIT :- Now confirmed working with 2$ dealextream Bluetooth Dongle.

This is my first locomotive robot I will be building. I so far have most of the body done, as of now it has 2 hobby servos but will have three when finished.  Read more
Price: $0.6 USD

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This is a more robust DPDT Slide switch than our SWT7 Read more
Talks, navigates around via ultrasound
Using a
Giving the voice to a toy always has been a dream when I was a child. There weren’t talking toys and the dream was destinated to stay a dream. With the power of … Read more

USB as power source for small robot

I want to use my PC usb port to power a small robot
It contains a buzzer and two solar motors

I have measured that the robobt drain a maximum of 250mA 
Could be there any issue for my motherboard doing this think?

I am very scaryed about to fry the mobo :O

what hapne to usb hub in case of abnormal current drain / short circuit? 

Is there a robust overcurent protection in modern 2.0 usb hub?

Too many batteries?


I am new to LMR and new to robotics, so i am slowly learning.


I have created an Autonomous Robot using the motor driver L293D, arduino duemilanove & Sharp IR Sensor.

Everything seems to be working fine when hooked up to the usb cable, does exactly what it should do.

When i try to run everything off batteries it does not work. I made the first mistake in trying to run 2 motors using a 9v battery, and after reading the post on here about which battery to use, i went and purchased some NiMH rechargeable batteries.

Price: $22.95 USD

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Want a board that can breakout the Synapse RF module pins, gives you a USB port/FTDI chip to program, supplies it with a regulated 3.3V, integrates a reset switch … Read more
Price: $7.95 USD

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What is a 'laser card' you ask? It is the coolest thing, like all things laser! Read more
Price: $12.95 USD

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The 7-Segment Serial Display turns the thirteen pins necessary to control a 4-digit 7-segment display into just one or three. The display will give you full … Read more
Price: $12.99 USD

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With a universal remote and an infrared receiver, you can add a wireless keypad to your BASIC Stamp® applications. Read more