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Evolution of technology

I thought this pretty cool

Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept

Fordson Snow Machine - 1929 Concept

Now He would have been part of the LMR Team.

First one to duplicate this in Robotic size will gain my great respect............ (unless i get there first)........


EDIT :- .......... someone got there first - see last two vids -  amazing




















New plastic bumper, LCD mount out of expanded PVC, will be acrylic when I get the funds for a heat gun.

haven't made my decision as to which LCD I'm using.

Price: $39.95 USD

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The 18-channel Mini Maestro 18 raises the performance bar for serial servo controllers with features such as a native USB interface and internal scripting control. … Read more

Servo motor

How to control a servo motor (2) by just twisting or turning the other servo motor (1) or potentiometer using hand?

The servo motor 2 will follow the movements of the servo motor 1 or the potentiometer.

Not necessary to use a servo motor for the servo motor 1, just any solution that would perform what is shown in this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZwnyZPkylk&feature=related).


How to select a Motor?

Hey guys!

I'm Thinking to build an all terrain bot in the next few weeks. I've all ready built a few bots which were not that great. Every time something gets messed up, like the drive system or the wheels. So, I Dont want to make the same mistakes again and decided to get help from u people. How to select a motor generally? I mean is there any calculation to know the motor you select will be powerful enough to achieve certain conditions? By conditions i refer to the velocity of the bot, max inclination it can traverse etc.

Reading 5 analog sensors, with one ADC pin, would this circuit work?

well, as usually I have all ADC pins used up on my arduino, 2 of them are used by i2c, and the other 4 are used, 3 for line follower, and one for sharp sensor at the front.


I need more proximity sensors, and a new line follower with 5 qrd1114 instead of 3, for maze solving.

So would this work?













Lets Make Robots toolkit or something

I've been looking on forum and saw something as LMRtoolkit... there are a bunch of programs out on the forum and something else... why just we make such a menu and there people can download there apropiate needing program. I made a Speed/RPM/wheel calculator and a bluetooth controller via virtual port and etc... why just we collect them into a single place or just pack it in a so named "Lets Make Robots toolkit"? I think this is a good ideea...


    So what do you think?

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Edge Detection

I've noticed a lot of robots with edge detection, to prevent them falling off edges (obviously).

I'm curious as to the type of sensor used for this. I'm assuming it's IR, but are people using an off the peg sensor, or making their own?


The Bromz.

only one sensor line tracking, created and programed with picaxe 08m circuit, very simple: sensor, lth: robot: program: main: readadc 2,b0 if b0 < 50 then … Read more
Thinking about it, the ultimate goal must be a robot that can not only build new robots, but the robots should also be able to submit themselves on LMR! This … Read more