Let's Make Robots!
This is an ongoing robotics project originally conceived to help improve my grandkids science and math grades and to introduce them to a world where you can dream … Read more
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The Message Pump Through-hole (MPTH) is an LCD back-pack which makes it easy to connect an LCD to either your microcontroller project or your computer. Read more
Price: $34.95 USD

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This cylindrical, 2.62" x 0.98" x 0.98" brushed DC gearmotor with a 74.83:1 metal gearbox is a lower-current alternative to the HP version. It has an … Read more

Why do we make?

Why do hobbiests make things?  Or more pertinent to LMR - why do hobbiests make robots?

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This kit includes 3 female and 3 male DC power connector plugs. Each plug is high-quality, brand new and professional for CCTV installers and excellent for all … Read more
Navigate around and separated 3 kind of recycled material.
Using a
his project is a graduation conclusion project, consist robot that navegate around and identify objects ( the objects can be bottle glass, aluminum and plastic ) … Read more
Price: $31.5 USD

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The Lots of LEDs Shield gives you total control over 126 red SMD LEDS, creating a programmable display for your Arduino. Read more
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This is the Xbee Explorer Dongle unit for the XBee line. Read more
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Need to measure fluid levels? This eTape sensor is a solid state, continuous fluid level sensor ideal for non-nasty environments (but including water). Read more
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If you are looking to drive two high-power motors through one compact unit, these dual VNH3SP30 motor driver carriers are perfect for you. With these boards, … Read more

Li-ion 7.4v and servos

At this time, I make a humanoid robot. This one: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27414 and now it's time to use battery power.

turn L & R looking for target, then full speed attack until it detects white line on edge of ring then it backs up and turns round.
Using a
This was my first attempt at a sumo robot, built about 8 years ago, it used 2 servos for propulsion, and had a Basic Stamp 1 to control it, it had photo cells … Read more

what battery to choose?

please advise me upon what battery to choose,

my requirments are,


Iout= upto 700mA

the battery must be rechargeable, light weight. the requirments may even be met with series/parallel combinations of the batteries.

NOTE: I might use regulated outputs from solar panels for the purpose of charging this battery, so consider that too.


Thanks in advance.

soldering alternatives - conductive glue, soldering paste ...?






This is the improved version of the Edwardo V2.0 posted by Grimjack1973. We are working in colaboration and had to change the chasis design due to a few flaws. We … Read more