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Chess Update

5.11.11 This update is running Grog's MRL program

The first video explains it well I hope.


5.14.11 The second video shows that I have changed the chess robot so it no longer goes back to a8 (the starting position) after every move. The code now calculates how to perform the next move from the location the chess robot's gantry crane ends at. I have also programmed in the ability for the robot to perform a castling move that the chess engine often does (this is not seen in the video)


And the winner is?????

Well the deadline is up. Robot Grrl and I have both entered the "Make a robot with personality" contest on Make magazine. I think there is another entry as well but I'm not sure if he's from LMR.

Jax gave it his best but Murphy kicked him in the pants.

The judging is done by the staff of MAKE magazine. Check the robots out and see what you think.

Robot Grrl's RoboBrrd: http://makeprojects.com/Project/RoboBrrd/862/1

Identifying Objects, catch this Object and transport to another place. Background: Robby2.0 should cleanup our nursery from my daugther ;-)
    This is my first Arduino project. I had controll my Robby with zigbee communication but i will make a sepparate documentation and place … Read more
Price: $34.95 USD

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This cylindrical, 2.54" x 0.98" x 0.98" brushed DC gearmotor with a 34.014:1 metal gearbox is a lower-current alternative to the HP version. It has … Read more
Hello Here is my art robot named "Evil Dead". This name comes from the movie trilogy which features "Ash", an S-mart clerk thrown through an assortment of crazy … Read more

H-Bridge Variation --Full Disconnect using Relay or Extra Transistors

This is a continuation or update of the earlier page on making an H-Bridge for motor control without allowing a full short of the power supply under certain conditions as with other H-Bridge drawings I see all over the web.

The original 4-transistor design was bread-boarded and tests showed it worked as planned.


The following designs have not been bread-boarded (as yet), but I believe they should also work as designed. (See truth table on second drawing.)

Price: $53 USD

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Tiny microcontrollers like the Atmel AVR used in the Arduino are now much more powerful than the 8-bit computers from the 1980s. So why not use them to play video … Read more
Navigates with a PING))) currently. Used for experimenting with Propeller on a robotic platform
Using a
The PREP - Bot is my first robot using a Propeller Microcontroller, and my first robot post on LMR. P.R.E.P. stands for Propeller Robotic Experiment Platform. … Read more
Price: $22.95 USD

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These modules allow very reliable and simple communication between microcontrollers, computers, systems, really anything with a serial port! Point to point and … Read more
Male Strip - 12 per Strip, gold flash on 2mm spacing Read more

What components for a navigation solution?

Hi All

It must be that my previous question http://letsmakerobots.com/node/28808 was wrongly phrased as I am sure there are plenty of knowledgable people here. Anyway, I will try re-phrase my question.

Could anyone be so kind as to tell me what components would make for a complete navigation module. ie. a module that knows where it is.

I am asking in terms of a small household or garden robot so GPS is probably not relevant.

Li-ion 7.4v and servos

At this time, I make a humanoid robot. This one: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27414 and now it's time to use battery power.

turn L & R looking for target, then full speed attack until it detects white line on edge of ring then it backs up and turns round.
Using a
This was my first attempt at a sumo robot, built about 8 years ago, it used 2 servos for propulsion, and had a Basic Stamp 1 to control it, it had photo cells … Read more

what battery to choose?

please advise me upon what battery to choose,

my requirments are,


Iout= upto 700mA

the battery must be rechargeable, light weight. the requirments may even be met with series/parallel combinations of the batteries.

NOTE: I might use regulated outputs from solar panels for the purpose of charging this battery, so consider that too.


Thanks in advance.