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  This is my 3rd robot, the first non-frits-like ;) I'll never post anything about previous robots: you can find many F-Like robots here. Well, legged walkers are … Read more
Price: $31.95 USD

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The Line Tracing Snail is an excellent, low-cost robot for a new robotics enthusiast that has no previous experience with robots or electronics. All electronics … Read more
Price: $2.35 USD

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This 1" plastic wheel is made specifically for the Solarbotics GM10 Geared Pager Motor. Each wheel comes with two small black rubber bands: the tire and a … Read more

NEMA17stepper 6.8USD/pc, pulley&belt and more for Robotics

We are manufacturer of stepper motors and threaded rod stepper motors.
NEMA 17 stepper motor 40mm long 0.4N.m/56oz.in price at 6.8USD/pc.
Price: $1.95 USD

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This connector is a double-row, 80-pin (2×40), straight male header strip that can be broken into smaller strips. Read more
Very handy device. Just a small board with a picaxe serial socket and two resistors; (so it wont be hard to make one for yourself) With the jumper you can … Read more
Hi!   This is my second experiment with my just arrived Arduinoboard and servomotors. It´s not really a robot, all it can do is walking forward and backward, … Read more

rover 5 w dagu 4 channel motor control hardware problem?

I am running the dagu Rover 5 (4 motor/4 encoder verion) using a Mega2560 and the Dagu 4 channel motor control.  This is my first attempt at a robot, but do have some experience using several models of Arduinos and motor controllers. 

The code I used is from this first message (by Nick Gammon) and wired exactly the same: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=82618.0

My first robot. A crudely built clone of the start here robot using a raspberry pi and an HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor. A friend named it when I mentioned that I had … Read more
HI, every one! This is my first entry to LMR. This RC robot Is called CYCLOPS by my doughter, because have a big blacklight from a old  LCD screen, that turns on … Read more
  The challenge is simple: design an autonomous or remote controlled window cleaner. It might climb a wall and then scoosh high pressure water at the window. It … Read more
I know some won't consider this a "robot" because it lacks a brain, but it is still fun and worth mentioning. Anyone who is familiar with Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, or … Read more

HC-06 Bluetooth Module To Arduino Uno

I bought recently one HC-06 Bluetooth Module and i want to connect it on my arduino like a remote serial to send the data from arduino to my pc via bluetooth. I put some image about the wiring is this right? I upload two of the bluetooth module Front and Back and one of the wiring. Please Check them and tell me if is correct