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Dagu Gear Motor Pain

I have been flumoxed by a motor issue recently, and was wondering if others had some strategy dealing with it successfully.

Haven't touched the dusted Mindstorm NXT at corner for long time I decide to combine it with lots of parts salvage from friends for 4 leg walker. The leg idea … Read more
Pushes other robots out of a ring.
4/25/2011 - Got bored over the weekend and since I had some 22-gauge steel, modified servos and a set of wheels laying around I decided to start another mini-sumo … Read more

POV Via Dog


If you don't think this is wonderful, you should be slapped.

POV via dog.


I was tinkering with some parts and I said to myself... "thats enough to build a very small bot" and Uno-Bot1 was born! The heart is the Uno (Arduino) and takes … Read more
Blinks in different programable patterns
My first step to robotics.... an 3x3x3 cube Read more
Price: $4.95 USD

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Here is a 10-pin breakout cable for the Bus Pirate or use it for other things like a colorful collar for your pet or a 10-pin ISP header breakout, you … Read more

New Project

Am I the only sole here taking advantage of the awesome $4.30 price point of the LaunchPad???

My latest at:http://ijprojects.blogspot.com/2011/08/walk-through-vistaquest-vq1005.html

Ultrasonic Ping Module. Range.

Hi All,

I tried to find information about the real distance measurement of the ultrasonic module HC-RS04 but without success.

In the description it is written that range is 0-4.5m (0-5m in another source) but in reality I can only measure the distance up to 2.5m

Does anybody know anything about it?

Is it okay for those crapy sensors from e-bay?

Thank you guys in advance!


Price: $54.99 USD

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The Dimension Engineering AnyVolt 3 Universal DC-DC Converter is an adjustable step up/step down 3A switching regulator. Read more
Finds things to play a beat on.
Using a
This is my robot B.E.A.T.S. It is a YDM clone. B.E.A.T.S. stands for, Bot Entertaining Autonomously Through Sound. It took me about a month (off and on) to build … Read more
Simple Arduino Obstacle Avoidance
Using a
Hi guys, This is my first robot and I am having some difficulty moving forward with the project. I hope you can help The project is a simple Arduino obstacle … Read more
Analog, Serial, Motor Control, Audio, Video, Xbee, Bluetooth, PWM... Everything!
Chris was nice enough to send me a little project of his called the 444AVXB. Why the weird name? Well, because it does EVERYTHING. 4: amps of motor driver power (2 … Read more

trouble running motor, IR sensor, and PIC on same voltage source

Hi everybody.

Well the thing is that 6 months ago i couldn't finish my project because of something wrong with the circuit.