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3 new projects

I have started 3 new projects. I mainly wanted to use the laser cutter at school before the school year was over. So I made these things which I will be fully constructing in the upcoming weeks. I just threw stuff together for some photos.

My custom controller v2:


 A rover:


and Hexapod V2:

Sneak Peek --Walter's TX, LCD and Graphics

Sneak Peek --PCB's are on their way...

Robots of technical garbage! Assemble your robot from improvised stuff, broke TV sets, DVD, printers, and so. Fantasy sdes limitless. The robot can even just to blink, or move without thinking.
Hi All I'm very new to robotics. Love all the robots you guys have made ........ very talented. Have been programming OpenGL API with C++ for the last 10 years as a … Read more

Getting angry about the availability of electronic components in Europe?

Hi there,

it has been a while and I am still working on the stereoscopic vision issue for my small robot. Meanwhile I learnt, that the Parallax Propeller chip is by far to slow to handle and stream-edit an BT.656 conforming digital video stream, at least for what I have in mind. Therefore I am now working on a hardware-based video filter made of discrete components - a poor man's FPGA, so to say.

Turns an Auto Timer Bathroom Deodorizer into a Flamethrower
This was on sell for $1.95.  I bought this primarily to rob the PIR sensor from it, but had some fun with it first.  I used a tea candle as the flame … Read more

Motor Driver for 4 wheels

Hi friends,

First post. I have a quick question. All I am looking for is a motor controller to control 4 wheels. I thought of putting together 2 L293D ic's, but asking your help to suggest other IC's which can reduce a couple of pins. Also the current requirement is too high in L293 IC's.

If someone has experimented with other motor drivers (commonly available) and suggest me, that would be helpful.



Control: To control 4 motors

Voltage: Should work between 5-12 Volts

Please let me know if you need additional inputs.

Izci is a line follower robot with one CNY70 sensor. The sensor was adapted on a servo motor so it can be moved according to the white path. İzci was controlled … Read more
Price: $7.95 USD

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Yay...Heat shrink! Never worry about connection breakage again! Use it to reinforce connections, protect devices, and electrically isolate exposed solder joints. … Read more

Alright - this is beautiful - All you CNC people will like this....

Near Sci-Fi like in that you could imagine hundreds of them automated... cranking out parts, possibly replicating as a new life form on the Sahara :)   Theo Jansen would approve...



Walks forward, backward, spins, blinks.
8/5/11 Update: Everyone should build one of these.  This was my first 'remove the PICAXE' of the dev board project.  Good fun! Read more
changes that may effect shield choices
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Ideas for "portable" or "backpack-ready" robot

I find myself more and more out in the non-robot-speaking world telling people that I "build robots". From there, there is a long pause and then me, stuttering through a terrible explanation of what these "robots" actually are. I have tried words like "electronics hobbyist" and "educational robots" and "classroom settings" --I have even tried "hardware developer specializing in the domestic,hobbyist and educational fields". Its usually a tough crowd though.

Price: $85 USD

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The Arduino ADK is a combination of hardware and software designed to help people interested in designing accessories for Android based tablets & phones. On … Read more

Who are YOUR favorite Sci-Fi Robots?

It is no surprise that many scientists chose their profession because of the influence that Science Fiction had on them, with its dazzling displays of robotic technology and spectacular visions of the future.