Let's Make Robots!
I've been working on a home automation project for a while - Jon Williams' Spin Zone column on Sony's IR control format (pdf) got me started on IR control. It's … Read more
little background first... i wanted to try the NXT robot to follow line, BUT: - the smart brick only has 4 sensor ports - i only have 1 light sensor (able to detect … Read more

Servo selection problem

I have been working on a robotic arm for my first solo project from scratch. Everything has gone well for the most part, I will post the robotic arm when it is finished. I have run into a problem though and need some help with what to look for in a servo as far as specs. The problem is, the first vertical joint cannot handle the weight of the rest of the arm very well when it is idle. In motion, the arm swings fine, when at rest, it has a tendency to just fall over. I am assuming I need to buy different servos for use in my arm.

Micro servo for robotics?

Have any of you tested this micro servo? It looks like it was designed for robotics, has mounting holes on the sides that usually are called top and bottom and has an opposite hole to the spline. So it should be easy to mount it on brackets and build a biped or an arm... Any thoughts?


microcontroller choice

i have  a problem: i only have on uc, an arduino, and have to build a tx unit with some cheap ebay radio modules. does anyone have any suggestions as to a small microcontroller for this unit. it only needs 2 or 3 channels.


Wiring up a brushless motor


So I was in awe at jklug80's "cheater" pinewood derby car and this year my son's pack is doing an anything goes class for the dads.  My thought was to use a ducted fan to push the car but I can't figure out how to wire it up.  

Figuring out what to salvage

So I've got several computer parts lying around and while I was replacing a button in one of my mouses with one from another mouse that was broken I was thinking to myself what could I salvage to be used again?

So how do I know what parts are goodies to salvage and what I should throw in the recycling bin for computers(once I find where to recycle computer parts).

Battery Backup 12v

Hello, I wanted to add a battery backup to a Picaxe circuit so when the AC main fails the power will switch from the AC-DC transformer to a 12v battery which is then lowered to 4.5v to power the PICAXE board.

after some research I found this circuit which seems pretty simple and I wanted to know if you people think its good or will I have fried PICAXE for dinner.

Thanks in advance!  :D

Arduino IDE - what's wrong with versions 0019 onward?

Ever since the release of the new Arduino PCB's there have been at the time I wrote this 4 new versions of the IDE. As far as I can tell none of them work very well. All of my code is written on version 0018 and works fine. Open the same program in later versions such as version 0022 and you get an error when verifying the code.

Here is an example.

IR with Picaxe

Hey guys,

Multimeter (how much should I spend)

When it comes to small electronics (like the ones presented here) what should I be looking to spend for a digital multimeter?

Does brand matter? ...Also some of them have ranges? Im not sure I understand what that means. like a 15 range......39 range etc...?

What range should I look for minimum?



Connecting Multiple Microcontrollers

I was wondering if it would be possibly to connect multiple microcontroller IC's by there I/O ports?

Got $1299,- to spare?

Then I would recomend that you have a look at the MakerBot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer http://www.makerbot.com/

With my 50 birthday coming up, my family chipped in and got me one of those fabulous machines. And I must admit that I’m totally blown away by the quality of the print and the robustness of the ABS plastic parts that is printed.

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Just a blog for the OscarMobile build.

When Oddbot left Australia for his robot building job in China, I was lucky enough to score his collection that he couldn't take along with him. Included in this collection was the makings of a kickarse robot, named boozebot. Now after a couple of years, my wife and I have a son, and in a couple of years he's going to need a way to get around (walkings OK and all, but not much fun). So I'm using the base of OB's robot to make the OscarMobile: