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Plays Naughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe)
This robot was created as an entry for Oddbot's challenge: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35296 I learned a lot with this project: just check out the Reflection … Read more

logic level mosfet

When looking at data sheets, what am I looking for to find mosfets I can drive with a microcontroller without having to use a transistor or other device to switch the FET, the typical ones I find listed that way on ebay are spendy and not to many of those. I know logic level means you can turn it on and off at 5V but differant manufactures use differant terms. Googling this got me some numbers but no real understanding of how to pick this info off the data sheet.

Reads the latest status from Twitter.com and then verbally speaks it with a couple different mood options.
Using a
UPDATED: I've added the video of Steve's reaction to the robot.  Also, here are more details about the robot, construction and … Read more

Kinect and wheeled versions under development

We were pointed out that tracked version might have problems on thick carpet or wet tiles. That is why we want to try the wheeled version and compare the performance on different surfaces. Any thoughts whether it will drive better then tracked version? Some pros/cons of wheels vs. tracks?

Navigates a preprogrammed sequence of timed moves
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Rebounder is a quick little platform that had been adapted from a Tyco Super Rebound RC car. The original radio receiver electronics were removed, and an IsoPod … Read more
FingerTech Robotics Mecanum Wheels (website) Link to YouTube Commercial! Read more

Swarm Robot build

Hey LMRians!

It's been quite a long time that I haven't been here (mostly due to being in the second last year of school and other projects). Recentlly I got interested in robotics again and I came up with the idea of building swarm robots (just a little group of maybe 10 bots, not 40+ that the universities use).

Here I want to describe my thought process a little and then ask some questions.

So my first goal is to make it relatively small, something of the size like the robots seen in this excellent video by the University of Sheffield (see embedded video below).

Price: $15.95 USD

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This gearmotor is a miniature (0.94" x 0.39" x 0.47"), high-quality, high-power motor with 30:1 metal gearbox, similar to Sanyo’s popular … Read more

Robot/Personal Servant Using VB6 and Win98

Hello to all as this is my very first post.

I have visited many forums and looked up many question only to come up empty handed in most cases in the other forums.

After seeing the wealth of knowledge that was here I felt it was best to join a forum where people are willing to help each other and not provide links and say stuff like if you read this you might figure it out.

I am one who like to share my knowledge and I enjoy helping others.


Price: $10.95 USD

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The Solarbotics GM10 81:1 Geared Pager Motor is the smallest gearbox and brushed DC motor combination we carry. The 5-gram unit delivers 3.6 oz-in of torque … Read more
Price: $119 USD

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This robot controller is by far the most powerful Orangutan, and it is intended for small and medium-sized robots. The design features a dual-AVR architecture that … Read more
This is the ratb0t, he has a nervous behavior and remainds me a rat.. :] I´m using an Arduino Diecimila to control the steering servo and the traction motor. The … Read more