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Sure, your project is awesome, but wouldn't it be cooler more than 10 feet away from a power outlet? The Battery Platform Module is an add-on to the Propeller … Read more
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This single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch can be used as a general-purpose micro switch or tactile bump sensor for your robot. The switch body dimension is … Read more
My old printer broke down and before throwing anything away I always rip things apart hunting for parts that I can use in other projects. Most of you probably does … Read more

How to get a start in using C and not bootloaders

Hello there lmr, I was thinking that it would be best for me to learn some C and program micros without using a bootloader (happy now krumlink?). I was wondering where to start. I am not trying to bring up a debate but i was wondering if PIC or AVR was better to start off with? Which one is easiest to use and which has the better programming environment. Also what would be needed to start in PIC or AVR? I know a chip, board, and programmer, any thing else? Or any thing else you can think of for someone trying to get into this.
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This hybrid bipolar stepping motor has a 1.8° step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase draws 500 mA at 10 V, allowing for a holding torque … Read more

Shooting mosquitoes with lasers

Straight out from Shoutbox I just snatched this:

gimmelotsarobots: On the bright side, mosquitos are now being killed by self guiding lasers. http://intellectualventureslab.com/?page_id=563

Searhced around, and found this cool video of death!



Anyone have experience (good or bad) with Tayda electronics? Please share.

I just googled this one part and Tayda came up as the absolute winner on price. Who would like to teach me how to order small quantities from suppliers far far away. Any caveats, consumer traps, unusual conditions, broken promises?

Problems with receiving a signal from LED020


I want my robot to be controlled via IR, I'm using LED020 receiver. I'm using this scheme:

And this code to get any readings from my remote:

symbol infra = b0


irin 0, infra
debug infra

GOTO WaitForSignal

Wireless Control

im looking to control my picaxe robot wirelessly by either my computer or remote control..
what is the cheapest method and how would i go about doing it?
thanks muchly

B5 progress

Whatup gays,

Calculon just wanted to drop a line and share his progess on his B5 (the Backyard Beverage Buddy BBot) project. He started his project last fall as his entry into the XMOS challenge. The idea is basically a cooler on wheels that rolls around Caluclon's backyard and offers beverages to people. That's still the general plan, but the scope has changed slightly.

B5 1.0 features the following:

Polymorph Plastic ( a thermal plastic with low melting point),robot diy parts needed!

Dear friends,

 We want to sale at low price as $15/kg, exclusive delivery fee, and you don't need  to pay import tax.

GPS failed checksum

Well first of all Hi everyone, although i've been visiting the site for a while this is my first post on LMR so here goes.

After seeing patrickmccabe's "Fundamentals of a GPS guided vehicle" tutorial i decided to give it a go. I got the code supplied in the tutorial to work without any trouble but when i started making some changes and adding to the code i ran into a few problems.

Xbee Live Conference

Call for conference guests

Who is interested in the upcoming Skype Conference on the advanced features of Xbees? The conference will be broadcast as a special live episode of the video (help-) show.

We are looking for a suitable and practical time slot. Hopefully some time this weekend. Can I hear some suggestions?

Simple light following Photovore
Using a
This is my first attempt at building a robot. A very simple Photovore. As we don't get much sun in our house, I had to use a torch to make the video. This is all … Read more