Let's Make Robots!
My first robot. A crudely built clone of the start here robot using a raspberry pi and an HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor. A friend named it when I mentioned that I had … Read more
Shake your Groove thing!
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Just a fun use of the continuous rotation servos.  First video is DiscoBot II, my entry to the Coolest DiscoBot Video Award   Read more

Why am I an idiot and IR transistors...

Here's the encoder part http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/QRB1114.pdf


This should be simple... resistor pulls the input pin high, transistor clicks and pulls it to ground.

What am I missing?!?!?



HC-06 Bluetooth Module To Arduino Uno

I bought recently one HC-06 Bluetooth Module and i want to connect it on my arduino like a remote serial to send the data from arduino to my pc via bluetooth. I put some image about the wiring is this right? I upload two of the bluetooth module Front and Back and one of the wiring. Please Check them and tell me if is correct
Autonomous - Avoid Trees - 2cm Rough Ground Suspension - Roll-over Protection
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UPDATE :-  Bridge on the River Kwai - Autonomous - New programming - mega fast speed - faster sensor response - "Rollover-Bar" in action. On Board Video … Read more
Price: $39.95 USD

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Two Idlers, Two Cogs, and 40 Tread Links - and a pair of GM2/3/8/9 style gear motors. A treaded vehicle is just waiting for this package! Read more

More powerful motors @ Rover 5 ?!

My Rover 5 has become quite heavy (2.5 kg), and the engines are not powerful enough to run it smoothly. I would like replace the motors for somewhat stronger motors. Does anyone have experience with it? Will this goes well with the encoders and the gearbox? Or is it better to switch to a different chasis? And if yes, what would you recommend me?

Price: $29.45 USD

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The Arduino Uno is the all-new replacement for the favourite and popular Arduino Duemilanova. Now shipping R3! Read more
I have this shield bot set up with IR detection and it works pretty good. I am trying to add ultrasound, hooked up to pins 5(echo) and 6(trigger) to reduce some … Read more

can i still add a laser, speaker, led?

in my robot SC-QR-1 i have allready used all 8 servo-ports.

but can i still ad a laser(to see where it looks), a speaker(for it to call hor help or showing some sound-emotions..   etc.) and some leds(like a red to show power, white/bright to help my "primary-back-mounted-not-night-vision-spy-camera") 

and if yes would the servos disturb the lasers, speaker and leds?

and i was also thinking, stuff like the sharp ir sensors have ir leds in them, could i attach an led or laser to those pins??


please reply!! :D

I love the Arduino and the flexibility this little ATMEGA328 microcontroller can offer. It is easy to implement in new design and to solder. I also have done some … Read more

Building a Herbie Style robot called "SCURBIE"

July 5, 2009

It took me a great deal of time to decide what my next project would be but finally after weeks or browsing this site I opted to doing yet another BEAM project before launching head first into the relams of programmable robots using such chips as the ardunio. I must admit thought it was kind of tempting to skip minor projects to launch a big one. ANyways enough of my rambling.