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Rocket Brand Studios 48 hour thing... Links now available

Hey guys, 

Rocket Brand Studios will be participating in Deconstruction 2013. (woo hoo!)

Starting Friday afternoon (2.22.13), I will start building...   ...something. 48 hours later I will be dead --or-- have something really cool built. --And it is all going to be live streamed!


You will be able to watch everything on the front page at

Rocket Brand Studios

i made this to control household appliances.the device inclue two relay,i connected them crossover,so i get three timer(DH48SS for T1,T2;DH48-2Z for T3). my … Read more

processing and arduino help


Hello, my question is what should i do if i want to send multiple variables from processing/arduino to arduino and vice-versa

I think you put it in a long string but how do you decode it. I think its like this not sure 123,456,789,100 with commas seperating them. I want to send values from different sensors from one arduino to another with xbee like shown here.



Navigate around via ultrasonic and create a map
Using a
Robotic Operation Unit with Learning envIroment System ( ROULIS ). this is my first Rover 5 Autonomous Robot with PIC 16F887 using mikroC and OSA RTOS.The idea … Read more

Wild Thumper Controller - Packaged Software has Issues

If you are trying to used the Dagu motor controller with their Wild Thumper vehicle, which is great, but can't get it to respond properly to a RC tranmitter, make the following changes to the software. Get off D0 and D1 and move to D9 and D10, which are PWM channels. You don't want a PWM repetative pulses (every 22ms from a Spektrum transmitter) to clobber your serial interface when loading programs. This is why you get a sync error from the compiler if you follow the manual.

Cheap yet relative accurate signal sensors

Thanks for visiting the nuthouse!
Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out a relatively cheap, yet accurate, distance-sensative sensor.

So, the end question is, does anyone know of a sensor type that can be mounted on an arm,
that moves from 0 degrees to 180, 6 inches apart, to detect my location by something I'm carrying?

-From what I've read, the standard RFID chips don't usually even cover 5 feet.
-I've tried bluetooth, but the sensor strength fluctuates too much for a clear reading,

PC power supply question

I purchased a new power supply vlt100-4002 http://www.eospower.com/vlt100n.aspx

Got it up and running with a 3amp load on v1 (3amp required for start.)  it is an ac to dc power supply 

I am using output pins v2 which is +16v but 3 amp max when connected to ground. (dc return) 

V1 is +5v and supplies 12amps.

This Robot is controlled using Arduino...I have used 433Mhz RF modules so that the Arduinos can communicate wirelessly...the robot uses differential drive in order … Read more

What questions to ask during an interview

More and more I find myself interviewing new staff for our company, with the remit being - find another you. I am currently overloaded justnow because i am multidicplinary, but i cannot seem to find anyone else who is - they are either, mechanics, programmers, electronic engineers or mechanical engineers. What kind of questions can i ask to dig up the real interviewee? The boss wont let me base my decision to hire on the ' do you own a raspberry pi? Or have you ever wanted to build a lifesize dalek?
I was in the middle of writing "The Chair Challenge" here on the site, and then we got server-problems with this site.Result was that an unfinished competition went … Read more

Desk Robot; An attempt at planning.

 Yet to be named desk robot                                                                                                                                             

Were do you live ?

were do all of you guys live ? (I'm not a stalker :P I just have a really cool idea that might work )



Object Avoidance & Scheda worship
Using a
Well, here's to starting my first robot! This bot is going to be the standard first robot that's shown here. It will have the standard two wheels, but I will be … Read more

Making a PING sensor control a DC motor

Hi, guys. I'm kinda new to this robot-scene. I've been doing it for about 3 days i bought a arduino uno r3 and a few other odds and ends to make a simple robot. ive got 2 DC motors(3v), A PING sensor, and everything else to make a robot(don't feel like going into detail lol). I know how to run the motor and the sensor by themselves but i need some help making the sensor and the motor cooperate. Any ideas


P.S. i have programming knowledge so i dont need it (dumbed) down lol