Let's Make Robots!
You could use this to drive 2 DC motors, 4 servos, and get sensor data like sonar sensor; all wirelessly using a smart phone for control. Support the project if you like it. Give a buck or $10 if you don't want to buy one but would like to support its development.
The Ard-Vark is a simple to use box that allows you to drive servos or DC motors and get input from sensors, and easily control on your smart phone. It is a project … Read more

Motor Shield Recommendation

The motor shield I have interferes with using interrupts, PWM and servo library. So now I'm looking for a new one, any suggestions? I have a proximity sensor set up as a bump switch and would really like to move the code out of the loop and trigger the code with an interrupt. The motor shield I have uses pins 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Pins 10 & 11 are the problem.


Have you guys seen this?
What an amazing design, and something to aim for! :-D



can anybody help me with my project? im using Arduino for my mcu. does anybody have a prototype picture? thanks.

How to turn my netbook into a robot "brain"

So I've had some experience with an Arduino and a BOEBot, and was thinking of taking another step forward.

Navigat with sharp's and learn
Using a
Again after some time I decided to submit this robot . I do this mainly because this will be used to learn kids about robotics . This year i am working on having … Read more

Can I rent a supercomputer?

I am having hobby-fun with learning Processing (http://www.processing.org/)

I like how I can do millions of vector based calculations pr second. But I want more. I want much, much more. Millions of times more. I am having fun rendering particle systems / simulations. My poor computer is rendering day and night, but it's noway near enough.

I am running programs that save screendums as PNG, and then a second program (Processing tool) to gather them into movie files.

Object avoidance, moving indoors
Using a
Castro III Castro III is currently a simple obstacle avoiding robot. It's built on toy car chassis. Equipment used: Freeduino 1.22, two DC motors, Pololu DRV8833 … Read more

Kinect and wheeled versions under development

We were pointed out that tracked version might have problems on thick carpet or wet tiles. That is why we want to try the wheeled version and compare the performance on different surfaces. Any thoughts whether it will drive better then tracked version? Some pros/cons of wheels vs. tracks?

Hexapod controlled by arduino+devantechSD21

Hello there,

I am working on a hexapod robot and i am trynig to controll it by using aruino + SD21 servo controller.When i am  test each servo separately ,are acting like i want but when i am connecting all of them its like most servos are not moving at all.


This is my code:

#include <Wire.h>

#define ADDRESS 0xC2  


int servo1  = 63;

int servo2  = 64;

int servo3  = 65;

int servo4  = 66;

int servo5  = 67;

int servo6  = 68;

int servo7  = 69;

Finished robot, on track. I started with the same base as the Cocoabot http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36700 - I had not seen his, but great minds think alike. I … Read more
Calculate the fibonacci sequence.
As the name inplies, Fibonacci uses a basic algorithm to calculate the fibonacci sequence. It is currently running on my Basic Stamp 2, but my goal is to transfer … Read more
moves objects from zones to other zones while mapping its environment with ultrasound
Using a
BEN: Bright Enough to Navigate This robot will be a continuation and an improvement on my first robot, EDWARD (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36413) Hardware: Read more