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Navigates a preprogrammed sequence of timed moves
Using a
Rebounder is a quick little platform that had been adapted from a Tyco Super Rebound RC car. The original radio receiver electronics were removed, and an IsoPod … Read more

Can I stream a wireless camera through wireless usb?

I was thinking of wireless cameras since the beginning of time and I've finally come to the decision of buying one. For me, there are two options: a camera that transmits to an rca/composite 2.4Ghz receiver which in turn is connected to a rca/composite to usb converter, or a camera that transmits to a 2.4Ghz USB receiver. In both cases, however, it seems like the stream must first be recorded by some program and that doesn't really fit useful applications for robotics. I want to process the data live with OpenCV and then relay information to the robot.

Some software help with Bluetooth modules

I got tired of operating "blind" when working with those inexpensive serial bluetooth modules, so I wrote a utility that helps with testing them as well as reprogramming the name/pin/baud.  

Hello here ! I have a problem on the robot that I just built. The robot moves with the help of two stepper motor and detect obstacles using two sensors … Read more

Swarm Robot build

Hey LMRians!

It's been quite a long time that I haven't been here (mostly due to being in the second last year of school and other projects). Recentlly I got interested in robotics again and I came up with the idea of building swarm robots (just a little group of maybe 10 bots, not 40+ that the universities use).

Here I want to describe my thought process a little and then ask some questions.

So my first goal is to make it relatively small, something of the size like the robots seen in this excellent video by the University of Sheffield (see embedded video below).

Price: $15.95 USD

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This gearmotor is a miniature (0.94" x 0.39" x 0.47"), high-quality, high-power motor with 30:1 metal gearbox, similar to Sanyo’s popular … Read more

Robot/Personal Servant Using VB6 and Win98

Hello to all as this is my very first post.

I have visited many forums and looked up many question only to come up empty handed in most cases in the other forums.

After seeing the wealth of knowledge that was here I felt it was best to join a forum where people are willing to help each other and not provide links and say stuff like if you read this you might figure it out.

I am one who like to share my knowledge and I enjoy helping others.


Price: $10.95 USD

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The Solarbotics GM10 81:1 Geared Pager Motor is the smallest gearbox and brushed DC motor combination we carry. The 5-gram unit delivers 3.6 oz-in of torque … Read more
Price: $119 USD

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This robot controller is by far the most powerful Orangutan, and it is intended for small and medium-sized robots. The design features a dual-AVR architecture that … Read more
Named "Silly 2wd" for the moment ... It is the starting point, from then to now I was more into exploring thing that really focusing into building a real … Read more
This is the ratb0t, he has a nervous behavior and remainds me a rat.. :] I´m using an Arduino Diecimila to control the steering servo and the traction motor. The … Read more


hi every one!!!