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picky motors?

 So I'm a complete beginner at this. I know ohm's law and generally what components do, but I've never tried to put anything together yet.

Wifi controller, autonomus, gps, wifi camera, mp3 player
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 UNDER COSTRUCTION  UNDER COSTRUCTION  UNDER COSTRUCTION   Hi everybody (first for all sorry for my bad english), This is my first robot. This is an autonomus … Read more

Electric Bike - WIP

Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48476919@N08/sets/72157623504149065/ 

I'm starting work on an electric bicycle. I put an ad on Craigslist last night for a bike in any shape - and ended up getting two bikes for $20 that are in pretty good shape. One is missing a pedal... but that's all.

making Rover using Faulhaber 24V BLDC and ATxmega128/256. Wireless Communication using xbee. Main host CPU running windows 7 with custom developing application in … Read more

Hexapod Dance

Found this on www.roboticsindia.com . It must be pretty tough to make and programme such things.

Hehe, found something funny on youtube!

Hi everyone,

Whilst roaming on youtube, I found this kick-ass vid about CtC's first atempts at programming a PicAxe microcontroller... Little contrast to what he is up to now with Walter :p


how to charge my robot's NiMH battery 24H/24

I hope your attention because I'd like your advice on how to load it !

Let's me explain:

I have a charger with delta peak A2Pro that loading my battery "when robot off . " http://www.net-loisi...peak-p1441.html

My goal is to let my robot over 24h/24 in order to use it when I want . "I did a test to determine the robot turned on autonomy without running , it is 8H . so if I go one week it is off !!!!"

Stimulating the right part of my brain
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Aye! Since every recruit goes through initiation I just ordered the START HERE kit from picaxe (well most of the parts). Cool!   And then I got hands on a stash of … Read more
  Here is my firs unfinished bot project, I new in electronics so I'm reading about it on Internet and also I have book "Electronics For Dummies" for basics.So my … Read more
Act as a revolute coordinate arm for my Robot NINA to grasp objects (or shake hands, wave hello, etc...).
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A revolute coordinate arm I built to be mounted on my Social Machine, NINA. NINA will be a social machine designed and programmed to interact with humans and in the … Read more

Running a MicroController off a SuperCap

Because I keep daydreaming about wiring up my house with dozens of sensors, I was wondering how hard it would be to power a micro controller (say picaxe) off a super capacitor.

A supercap is an electrolytic capacitor with an insanely large capacitance. Mine is half a Farad, 470000 uF. But is rated for only 5.5 V. That's the deal with these caps. Higher capacity at the expense of the maximum voltage they can endure. Or simply at an expense. This one costs about $4 at DigiKey.

The µBotino allows a robot builder to easily build a small robot that uses 2 small geared DC motors for driving, directly plug in 6 analog sensors, 5 digital … Read more
Price: $11 USD

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This servo is from china. The price do not include shipping. Shipping is usually by DHL. weight-56g  Dimension 40.8x20.1x38mm Stall torque 13.0kg/cm  Operating … Read more