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I2C servo controller schematic and layout

Hello LMRians!


So after half a day of work I came up with this board design for an I2C servo controller (the schematic was done in 10 mins..). So could you please check if this design is going to work as it's the first board I've ever designed?


The schematic:


And the board layout without the GND planes:


With the GND planes:


Sneak preview of my new project. Just some pics...

More soon...

Parallax sells these as a basic kit, which includes only the aluminum panels and motors/wheels. The controller was a BS2 borrowed from my BoeBot, a pair of HB-25s … Read more


I know like you guys, you are a scavenger, like me, we love that, we save a lot of money, and always expect have enough space to stock everything we can found.  Unfortunelly, around us, nobody understand why we save a lot of things.


But, I have a major question, I expect a lot of answers from everybody :

In my town I have 3 thrift store, with a lot of stuff, by experience what do you think is the type of printer (laser, jet, pin) I need to scavenge to found a good practical robotics parts ?



Campus Party Berlin 2012 - this was the post we used for much of our communication. Thanks for fish.

Campus Berlin 2012 - A handful LMR members with possibly 10,000 other nerds in an abondoned airport

We have a challenge due to the way Google hangouts etc is working, and because people come with phones roaming etc etc - but this forum post is where we can throw in everything :) Low tech meets high tech.

And if you are not in Berlin, feel free to give us a shout :)

  Basic obstacle avoidance robot using two servos for the wheels(lids from dog food), the caster is a funny plastic bolt cap they use in NYC on construction … Read more
Robot will be move forward as long as the sensor detects an surface under it. As soon as edge detector sensor goes out of the table, the robot will make an in-place rotation greater than 90 degree and then continue as per sensor value
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my e-mail is neblick@westnet.com.au this is my turtle bot that is made of that wonderful yet failing lego! it goes forward and awoids obsticals at as basiclly as … Read more

Wild Thumper Controller Code Mod to Disable charger for LIPO

Hello All, 

This may be a pretty basic question, but I was going to run my Wild Thumper Controller I just recently got with a LIPO battery and wanted to uncomment out the code relating to the battery charger.  I want to make sure I do this correctly and am not missing anything so I wanted to check here first.  

just walks around aimlessley...
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this is a plan/design/idea/i don't know what i am doing. this is my very first robot plan. so if you could help me in any way please do. i am planning on using a … Read more

Burnt Project Board / Need help

I recently attempted a go at the "Start Here" and ran into some problems pretty fast, 

as beginners, my freind and I burnt the 4 holes on the board that control the 2 motors, and when i say burnt i mean that the pins dont even solder properly anymore, ontop of that even if u can get it soldered too the board by using alot of solder, the pins just don't work, they have no connection. We know this because we continued on to the build and got to the programming, and the servo works, the distance sensor works, just the wheels dont work.

Chases light, picks up tinfoil balls and carries them around.
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This was a robot that used a MC68HC11 cpu, all circuit boards were hand etched, the drive motor gearboxes are made from PCB material. The robot was able to sense … Read more
Pushes other robots out of a ring, breaks ankles
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