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This tiny board converts hobby radio control pulses to digital on/off signals for use in RC switch and simple RC adapter applications. One output indicates the … Read more

Xmos XK-1pin location observation

Heya LMR Folks.

 I wanted to post this out of concern for the people working with the XK-1 and the actual pin layout vs the hardware manual  pin layout so as to avoid confusion and potential damage to the board if you plan to use the power pins(or any of the pins like the rx/tx pins) related to the jtag ports.

The issue is related to the pin 1 location on the board vs the location specified in the HW manual.

How to connect stuff?

I recently had the great idea of building a robot.


So I went and bought this:


and a PIC 18F4550 IC to go on it, as well as some wires and a couple geared motors and a servo. So... How do I connect all the stuff together so that it works?


I have never done anything with electronics before in my life.

TSA Robot

Hey guys, well I saw that Fritsl was getting on me for having this project in the robot parts but since its still an idea he got pissed so I crawled over to blogging!

Ok, so the workers on the project are Jonny, Colton, and Me.  We are entering this robot into a school competition and the objective is 1) Build a robot that can complete the course.  The course is drive up a ramp, grab a 1 pound trophy and drive down the other side.

Shopping List:

Hooking up a Schmitt trigger (74HC14)

I need to hook up a 74HC14 to clean the signal from a QRB1134 IR sensor. I think I know how but I need to make sure. Could it really be this simple:

*Connect pin 14 to 5V (from Arduino)

*Connect pin 7 to ground

*Connect pin 1 to the signal output of the QRB1134

*Connect pin 2 to the Arduino analog in

*Place a .1uF cap between the 5V and the ground wire

Here is the datasheet and an example I used:


Autonomous navigation using a hybrid sensor approach
Using a
Anthony is a work in progress. The objective of the project is to experiment with a hybrid sensor approach to autonomous navigation. I am using Anthony as a … Read more
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This discrete MOSFET H-bridge motor driver enables bidirectional control of one high-power DC brushed motor. The compact 1.8×1.2-inch board supports a wide … Read more
This is not the first robot I have built. I built it one weekend when I was unable to use my computer (so I was bored), and just using parts I had at my … Read more
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Walter Update & Voice Fail

Just a quickie update guys,

Self-Replicating Stationary Phototrophs

How many of you guys garden?

Absolutely not robot related rofl

Sorry, just had to share this :D

This project is pretty simple. It is a atmega 168 with the arduino bootloader running a lottery code i wrote. The lottery code has 6 user chosen lottery numbers … Read more
Stimulating the right part of my brain
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Aye! Since every recruit goes through initiation I just ordered the START HERE kit from picaxe (well most of the parts). Cool!   And then I got hands on a stash of … Read more

Finaly it's Done! - SkarkFun Graphics LCD Serial + Backpack Display


Woohoo, i can now control the display via 28x2, or via direct interface with visual basic applications which i create :D