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Explores via Ultrasound, Plays Zelda's Lullaby ( kinda ) when stuck
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Hello LMRtians!  I finally got my bootloader code working.  I got my package in the mail from Sparkfun this morning.  I added a ball caster to the rear for … Read more
this servo is from china. the price do not include shipping. shipping is usually by DHL.   weight-6g  Dimension 18x11.8x21.5mm Stall torque 1kg/cm  Operating … Read more
This is my last project, a robot dog, it´s possible to control it using a PC or it has an auto mode, in the video it is moving in this way, It has a rechargeable … Read more

IR v. Sonar

I've been making plan for an obstacle-avoiding robot, and was originally planning to use a Sharp IR range finder for it (10 - 80cm), but after seeing other sonar range finders, and other people's projects (the majority of the ones I see seem to use sonar), I was wondering:

Which is better: IR or sonar?

'Cos IR recievers can be affected by ambient IR light, and the best i;ve seen goes up to 150cm, whereas I;ve seen sonar ones up to 7.4m, roundabout, and they can't be affected by ambient sound (I think).

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my first robot very expensive body (FOOD BOX) :D Read more

Scaling down a boat to make USV

I have been dealing with asects of theis for a while and this is my latest idea. Build a small plywood boat downsized to be a platform for robotics testing. I bought a "partially built kit" on eBay that turned out to be an abandoned upgrade of a hobby grade boat. It's a 15" V narrow plastic V-Hull and I am concerned about it being to close to max with a decent battery and gear in it. But the upgrade in process inculded a good servo steered rudder and through hull prop hardware. The supplied motor is marginal but workable. I have a brushed ESC with 5v BEC.

Price: $39.99 USD

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This easy to use and low cost module is capable of sending and receiving serial data wirelessly between microcontrollers or to a PC. The low power consumption … Read more
The QuadBot Chassis is an affordable kit for students and hobbyist interested in walking robots. It provides all the mechanica parts necessary to build a 4 legged … Read more
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This is hummbot, a RC hummer converted into an autonomous robot. The robot is controlled by an Arduino controller and uses servo mounted IR sensors to detect … Read more
This is FLAMEbot. He's a heat seeker. Draw the shades and darken the room. Light a butane lighter and FLAMEbot will follow the heat/light source.  Hold the … Read more

start here robot ultrasonic sensor

Newbie here

Hi every one i have been member for a while now and have finally collected all the parts needed to complete fritz start here robot.

Every thing is the same apart from im using a 28x2 picaxe instead of the 28x1 picaxe,also using the ultrasonic sensor pictured below (in attachments instead of the SRF05.

i have followed the walk  through on http://letsmakerobots.com/node/66  for the SRF05 sensor and translated the wires to my sensor as followed:

Price: $117.25 USD

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The all in one Aquarium control shield is here! With sensors for pH and ORP, a RTC and hookups for many different types of peripherals all via USB it's the … Read more

Hamster Powered Walker

Remember Gareth's "schneebeast" or Linefeed's "Karpedbeest"? well.. see this:


Price: $44.99 USD

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Create your own toys, remote controllers, alarms, detectors, robots, and many other projects with the Arduino device. Read more