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This robot is destined to the robotic cup Eurobot ( http://www.eurobot.org/ ). It's a great amateur robotics contest composed essentially of students teams or … Read more
After some years following different DIY sites and forums, I decided that it was time to jump in. I choose to start with a premade platform to ease first steps … Read more

Rover 5 Basic Power Wiring Question (With Spider Board)

Hello All!

 I've just purchased a bunch of parts that I hope to turn into a working rover. Before I start wiring things up I've been looking for some clean pictures on how to get started. I found this image:


Netiquette, Asking For Code

I've seen a few posts suggesting asking for code is bad form.

I'm inclined to agree but I'm not completely sure. I think many of us don't always post code because it's not nice and tidy. I know I haven't posted code for this reason. There are plenty of times it wouldn't bother me if I were to be asked for code I hadn't posted.

In general, if someone asks me for code, I post it.

Price: $1.95 USD

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These hexagonal male-female aluminum standoffs keep parts spaced 1.25" apart and are great for building a multi-level robot chassis. This 4-pack of standoffs … Read more
Price: $300 USD

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The servo motor that is used cost only 10usd.I used six motor to complete the 3 axis robotic arm.The motor specs: Voltage: 6 volt Torque: 3.4kg.cm price of the … Read more
Price: $15 USD

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The Ardubot PCB can be the foundation of your own Arduino-powered bot. Read more

CNC/Prototyper for Cheap

I am making a robot that needs a kermillion custom parts and I have like no money. I have seen the reprap machine, and am interested.


(whats the difference between a reprap and a makerbot?)

 I have also seen a manual one that looks modifiable, but not as user friendly, for much more money.

Any suggestions?


Hondas new balancing personal transport.

Apparently its insides is a big secret but if you look closely you can see the machine actually moving sideways as it keeps balance.

I don`t know about you guys but as soon as I saw it I wanted to pull it apart to find out how it works, or at least turn it upside down and take a look at the bottom.

My son gave me approval to post his robot here. His project is for school where he will have a little show to explain what passion he has. As it was more complex to … Read more

Setting up a QRB1134?

Does anyone know how to set up one of these things:


I can't seem to get it working.

Someone made a quick "tutorial" on LMR but I just don't get it.

I found a diagram here that just doesn't make sense. The wire colors are all messed up.

Then I found this:

After making a wired RC car i thought of making a wireless RC car and made this RC car using NRF24L01 modules.After seeing Bajdi work on this modules i tried to … Read more
Price: $289 USD

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The i00600 Torxis is an ultra-high-torque servo that can deliver 1600 oz-in (115 kg-cm) of torque. This monster servo is controlled via the standard … Read more