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The TPA81 sensor is a thermopile array detecting infra-red in the 2um-22um range. This is the wavelength of radiant heat. The Pyro-electric sensors that are used … Read more
Price: $15.95 USD
The Sharp GP2D12 is an excellent, well proven sensor. Its analog outputmakes is reliable and inexpensive, but a bit processor-intensive to use with a … Read more
Price: $4.95 USD
Description: This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your common breathalyzer. It has a high sensitivity and … Read more
The Kodenshi SG-2BC reflective sensor combines a GaAs IRED with a high-sensitivity phototransistor ina  super-mini (4mm) ceramic package, reducing installation … Read more
Recently I have built a remote control tank with sound effect. Since there is not much space in the tank, I decide to use a piezo transducer to do the sound … Read more
Price: $4.5 USD
There are a few models of this but the SM125-IC is an RFID Interigator with read/write capabilities and I2C connection capabilities. I have been looking for a chip … Read more
Isn't that just a pot? You are forgiven for thinking you are looking at a photo of a potentiometer AKA variable resistor. That's what this looks like. However, if … Read more
Computer mice with balls contain two (or sometimes three, if the have a scroll wheel) rotary position sensors. These are not mechanical switches, but optical ones. … Read more
Accelerometers are very exciting little things. When I say "little", I mean it, as they usuallyfits 4 or more on a finger nail! And each typically has some 7-20 … Read more
I bought some small tilt-sensors. basicly they where a small metal capsule with a ball inside. When tilted, the contact was switched on/off. I thought this was … Read more
IMHO the best way to have your robot measure distance to objects. Fast and accurate. If you are using Picaxe, you may find this info useful: … Read more