Let's Make Robots!
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The Prop-2 controller is a powerful, specialized controller designed by professionals for use as a special-effect controller. Solarbotics is the sole retailer for … Read more
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4 volumes of MAKE year four are combined in a Special Edition Boxed Collector's Set. Read more
Price: $44.95 USD
Just recently find out about MAKE Magazine? I bet you're scrambling to find back-issues. Or stealing your friend's copies, and "conveniently" forgetting … Read more
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The MCM2 is a collection of high-quality precision parts in a cassette mechanism with 2 motors ideal for BEAM hacking. Read more
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This 3.6V 170mAh rechargeable Ni-Cad battery contains three cells in pyramid configuration. Read more
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The HM55B Compass Module is a dual axis field sensor that works by reading the earth’s magnetic field and determine the direction. Read more
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This kit contains the basics for controlling a servo. Read more
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If Make Magazine by itself isn't keeping your hands busy, get a copy of "The Best of Instructables Volume 1" - over 120 projects to keep you busy! Read more
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Need a membrane keypad to surround your LCD? This unit from Matrix orbital is designed to frame any LK/VK 204-25 unit. Read more
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This is just the PCB for the Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield kit. Use this PCB for making your own modified version of the Adafruit motor shield, do with it … Read more
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The Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield gives you excellent flexibility in ways to create motion with your Freeduino SB or Arduino microcontroller! Read more
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All four volumes from Make: Year Five are combined in a special edition boxed collector's Set. Includes Make Volumes 17 - 20, with issue themes of heirloom … Read more
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This kit from Phidgets allows you to control 4 servo motors, and includes what you'll need to get started. Read more
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Another great title from the guys behind MAKE Magazine, the Eccentric Cubicle is written by a true, hardcore do-it-yourselfer who shows you step-by-step how to … Read more
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This sleek USB interface LCD module lets you connect up to three fans and up to four individual temperature probes. Read more