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Price: $60 USD
Add 32 Mbytes of SDRAM to your Propeller project with the SDRAM module, the ultimate memory expansion for the Propeller Platform. Features * 32 MBytes SDR … Read more
The PPLA is an open source Digital Logic Analyzer (DLA) with 28 channel sampling @ 10ns, specifcally for use with Propeller Platform modules. Through the use … Read more
Price: $49 USD
The Propeller Platform USB is an open-source platform for building your own electronics projects. Features Read more
Price: $33 USD
Add the Internet to your project with the E-Net Module! Make an embedded webserver, serve large files off an SD card, poll a remote server, whatever you can … Read more
Price: $40 USD
"...Ready for your next design that needs a little more sauce than the Arduino can offer." - hackaday The Propeller Platform Module SD includes: Read more
Price: $20 USD
Project Page The USBThumb is like a 'Super PropPlug' - out of the bag, it's a USB-Serial converter you can use to program your Prop and works just like a regular … Read more
Price: $16 USD
The idea of the TermBoard is to give you a more sturdy connection than a breadboard, but still give you flexibility to change wiring. It uses 16 sets of Molex® … Read more
Price: $17 USD
The Universal Adapter Board (named by microcontrolled!) is a handy little adapter to do stuff like: Connect a SpinStudio mainboard to Propeller Platform or Mobo … Read more