Let's Make Robots!
Price: $12.95 USD
The Secret L293D motor driver kit replaces the guts of a standard servo and turns it into tidy gear motor with a built in motor driver! Read more
The L298 motor driver IC is a very popular, but hard to use chip. Our Compact Motor Driver Kit tames this beast, and adds useful functionality! Read more
Price: $39.95 USD
Frustrated by those cheap, low-voltage motors that require too much current? Here’s the answer: a low-voltage motor controller designed specifically for those … Read more
Price: $36.57 USD
This kit contains the basics for controlling a servo. Read more
Price: $114.29 USD
This kit from Phidgets allows you to control 4 servo motors, and includes what you'll need to get started. Read more
Price: $23.95 USD
This tiny module can control two motors, 1 A peak each, and you can daisy-chain multiple units to control up to 62 motors with a single serial line. Read more
Price: $79.99 USD
Here's a medium-duty, two-channel motor driver offering 10A current control up to 18V. Great for medium to large sized robots! Read more