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Price: $1.95 USD
Yup... This is about as exciting as a three wire cable with female-female connections can get. Read more
Price: $3.95 USD
155mm of female connector jumper goodness. Super handy for all sorts of stuff. Read more
Price: $4.95 USD

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Here is a 10-pin breakout cable for the Bus Pirate or use it for other things like a colorful collar for your pet or a 10-pin ISP header breakout, you … Read more
Price: $59 USD

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The Redpark Serial Cable connects iOS devices to RS-232 serial devices. It is designed for use with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (fourth generation), iPad 2 … Read more
Price: $9.95 USD
This 6" cable can be used between Microchip's ICD2 and ICD to 10-pin Adapter, or between ICD to 10-pin Adapter and an ICD2-compatible project … Read more
Price: $3.6 USD
Conductive thread - 12 feet Read more
Price: $0.85 USD
This RJ22 4-pin Male Connector is usually the standard plug for telephone headsets and handsets but can easily be repurposed for all kinds of 4 conductor … Read more
Price: $2 USD
Summary for 150mm Servo Extension Lead Wire Cable For Futaba Read more
Price: $0.5 USD
These consist of a bright LED and flexible twisted lead wires that have a 2 slot female connector on the end (which can be removed). Read more
Price: $5.99 USD
Universal connectors fit both Futaba and Hi-Tec/JR(S). Male to female. Very flexible, 36" long 22 AWG stranded wire. Black, red, white silicone rubber … Read more
Price: $9.5 USD
Looking for a LONG servo-style extension cable? Is 5'8" (68") long enough? It's ideal for connecting devices to the Prop-1 and Prop-2 special effect … Read more
Price: $2.95 USD
These 12" 6 conductor cables are wired to IDC connectors in a 2x3 array - ideal for ICSP connecting programmers to microcontrollers! Read more
Price: $0.95 USD
JST connectors are tight & tidy, but not that easy to plug into, unless if you have some of these! Read more
Price: $4.95 USD
Ideal for making pin-to-pin connections. These are the products you need. Waaay better than soldering tiny sockets to wires and heat-shrinking them yourself! Read more
Price: $5.25 USD
Looking for a HighSpeed Encoder Cable ? Get your HighSpeed Encoder Cable online now! Read more
Price: $2.5 USD
The I2C-It is a great sensor, and is only more so when used as part of a greater chain. Use the I2C-It Cable harness to hook them up! Read more
Price: $8.25 USD
Additional cables for the LED64. Read more
Price: $30 USD
Conductive thread is a creative way to connect various electronics onto clothing. This thread can carry current for power and signals. Read more
Price: $1.95 USD
This is a handy AVR programming cable that incorporates both the 10-pin and 6-pin ISP programming interfaces. Read more
Price: $8.95 USD
The cable features a DB25 Male to DB-25 Female and can be used for programmers with parallel interfaces or as a printer extension. Read more