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The Voltage Divider eliminates the need to connect a resistor to an analog input by putting a high precision potentiometer on the board to allow the adjustment of … Read more
Price: $19.6 USD
The Voltage Sensor measures the differential voltage between the input terminals and outputs the difference proportionally. Read more
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This great little 30 Amp sensor works great on both AC and DC currents. Read more
Price: $9.95 USD
This board is a simple carrier for Allegro’s ±5A ACS714 Hall effect-based linear current sensor. This version accepts a bidirectional current input … Read more
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This is a small voltage and current sense PCB. DC current is determined by measuring a voltage drop across a pair of parallel 1 mOhm shunt resistors, then converted … Read more
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Measures AC current up to 50Amps and DC Current from -50Amps to +50Amps, with dual outputs. Read more