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Price: $59.95 USD
This complete module is built upon the same technology as the ET-301, but includes on-board voltage regulation, LED status indicator, battery backed RAM, and a … Read more
Price: $16.95 USD
With the GPS Shield you can add GPS functionality to your Arduino. Read more
Price: $44.95 USD
This is a multi-band antenna covering the cellular, GPS, and WiFi frequency bands. Read more
Price: $34.99 USD
The PMB-648 GPS module provides high performance with a SiRFstarIII chipset and integrated patch antenna. Read more
Price: $79.95 USD
Trying to figure out where the heck you are? This GPS module might be what you need to keep you or your project from getting really lost. Read more
Price: $41.99 USD

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So you want a affordable GPS unit right? Well, how about a GPS unit that comes with Bluetooth, RS-232, and USB-TTL on board, and an external magnetic antenna (with … Read more