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Price: $14.99 USD
The SLCD-3 is designed base on a popular serial LCD driver IC, created by Maryland EE professor Peter Anderson. It is the display unit for an associated … Read more
Price: $89.5 USD
A module that allows microcontrollers systems like the PICAXE to display messages and images on a 128x64 GLCD (white on blue GLCD included) Read more
Price: $63.75 USD
Peggy 2 LE is a smaller size and lower cost version of the "Peggy 2" light-emitting pegboard display, that provides a quick, easy, powerful and … Read more
Price: $24.95 USD
Looking for a serial driver for your Parallel display? We've got the X-Board driver! Read more
Price: $12 USD
Need a 20x4 LCD mounting kit? We have it! Read more
Price: $10.5 USD
The MK-2041 Mounting kit will mount most standard 20 character x 2 line display just about anywhere. Read more
Price: $89.95 USD
The BOB-4 OSD Module lets you put serial text on a video signal or generate a local video signal with text. Read more
Price: $49.99 USD
The Parallax Propeller Backpack is a compact, multipurpose Propeller-based module that is optimized for audio and video applications. Read more
Price: $231 USD
Save $20! Peggy 2 kit, AC adapter, extra button set, and 640 diffused 10mm green LEDs. Read more