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Price: $79.96 USD
The Prop-SX Controller is a single-board solution that is perfectly suited for advanced prop and high-performance control applications. Read more
Price: $12.95 USD
Need a replacement Basic Stamp 2-SX interpreter? Blow up your original, or trying to build your own style BS2? Cool! Get yours interpreters from us! Read more
Price: $4.95 USD
The Parallax SX28AC/DP-G is a RISC architecture, high-speed microcontroller with flash program memory, in-system programming and debugging capability. Read more
Price: $99.95 USD
The Parallax SX Controller board is an easy way to add some serious 50 MIP power to your project, programmable in C, Assembler, or BASIC! Read more
Price: $10.95 USD
Parallax's SX28 Proto Board provides a low-cost, high quality, solution for using the surface mount SX28 easily. Read more
Price: $32.95 USD
The SX Blitz (USB) is a low-cost alternative to the SX-Key development tool. We have it at HVW Technologies! Read more