Let's Make Robots!
On this grey aluminium box I setup Base Mobility Station (BMS). Inside at this box I put RC system, car TV (made in Japan), AV receiver, power supply, IR beacon  … Read more
When I try setup motors in body of robot I have problem - how isolate my motors from body (why need isolated, because motor have three wire - speed#1, speed#2 and … Read more
For made body of my robot I use aluminium square pipe, plate and aluminium rivet. In this photo you see only half job for made body.   Read more
On this photo I you see how I connect my new wheel to motors. Read more
When I buy two wheels I see new problem - how to connect my new wheel to motors, and I make some draw (see photo). This bush make from metall, it's perfect material … Read more
I use two this motors for left and right side of my robot wheel. This motor have two mode (two speed) and of course use current 1A or 2Amps. I use first mode, … Read more