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Probably one of the most handy chips that can be found in the Picaxe line-up is the tiny 08m --and now, with the new 08m2 available, it is just that much more … Read more
The Arduino Nano Undershield is simply perfect for small, simple robots with everything you need, and nothing you don't. Start with an Arduino Nano, featuring an … Read more
With the help of ezekiel181, I have finished my new on-board chargers. I just have to say this is simply the best, most adaptable charger circuit I have ever … Read more
Great servo control on the cheap! This is a bare-bones servo driver -no connects, no board. It does come however, with a resonator included. It  uses a standard … Read more
Price: $15.95 USD
The Sharp GP2D12 is an excellent, well proven sensor. Its analog outputmakes is reliable and inexpensive, but a bit processor-intensive to use with a … Read more