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With this shoulder joint set, you can easily make complicated assemblies such as the legs on the Joinmax Digital robotic dog. One set contains the parts for two … Read more
This robotic gripper kit is the same gripper that is used in the Joinmax Digital Hexapod Monster and Robot Arm. The kit includes five plastic pieces, a servo, and … Read more
This servo made by Joinmax Digital is the same one used in the Joinmax Digital robotics kits such as the Hexapod Monster. The unique arm on the output shaft allows … Read more
This excellent kit from Joinmax Digital includes all of the components you need to create a six-legged, walking robot. Each of the six legs has two degrees of … Read more
The Pololu round robot chassis is a compact 5-inch base, laser-cut out of colored acrylic, designed for small mobile robots. This circular chassis is intended for … Read more
This digital logic probe in kit form provides convenient and precise measurement of logic circuit signals. It displays logic levels (high or low), pulses and … Read more
Build your own little digital keyboard that spans three octaves and has eight voices. Read more
Price: $0.32 USD
http://www.action-electronics.com/molex.htm#Bls Read more
As if the name isn't enough to descibe these motors, they are absolutely the best I've ever had for the price!   Read more
    I'll detail here a simple implementation of a EIA485 bus with PICAXE RS485 : 3 wire bus (half duplex), upto 1200m (400ft) @ 200kbps ,  50 m @ … Read more
Price: $25 USD
An other cool component from web4robot http://www.web4robot.com/SerialLCD.html   see it in action : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JkdyQWzqT4   Read more
Price: $59.99 USD
The MLX90614 Infrared Thermometer Module is an intelligent non-contact temperature sensor with a 10° field of view and a serial interface for easy connection to … Read more
Price: $5 USD
This thing is one of the most acurate light sensors I've seen.  You configure it by making pins 1 and 2 high or low to control it's sensitivity and make pins 7 and … Read more
Price: $1.95 USD
2 Wire Serial Communication (I2C) EEPROM - The back bone of any microprocessor project. These 8 pin chips need only two wires to communicate with the … Read more
I've found this multifunction chip on ebay,  the official webpage is http://www.web4robot.com/ I've just bought a pair, I'll come back to post with my … Read more
This compact sonar range finder by Maxbotix detects objects from 0 – 254 inches (6.45 meters) with 1-inch resolution for distances greater than … Read more
Price: $40 USD
  Now, here is at last a new range of exciting actuators! This is just one example, check http://www.migamotors.com/Products.html for more. Read more
Price: $40 USD
Hey guys, I just finished designing and building a microcontroller board. The microcontroller board is basically an Arduino with extra features. The Roboduino … Read more
This is a really nice protoboard i found on Sparkfun. It basically is a standard perfboard, but every single hole is connected to the other ones on it. The cool … Read more
Price: $25 USD
Funnel I/O (FIO) is an Arduino compatible board designed by Shigeru Kobayashi, based on the original design from LilyPad. Funnel is a toolkit to sketch your idea … Read more