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TTL serial converter cable which will allow for a simple way to connect serial TTL level devices to USB. No MAX232 or other level converters needed. It works very … Read more
Just found this in the bottom of a box at work.  Kind of an interesting piece of equipment.  It will read a color mark on a flat surface (at a distance of 1"). … Read more
Price: $8.99 USD
Sharp GP2D120    Have been looking around for IR sensors and found these at what I think is a great price - nearer to $50 in Oz! Got from Summerour Robotics - … Read more
Price: $6.2 USD
  Testing conditions: Read more
Buy an Orangutan USB programmer with your Orangutan SV-328 and save! Read more
This is a very nice little package. You have to assemble yourself, and there are 3 ways. You want to assemble in "C"-mode, ratio 203:1 The A & B setups, 58:1 … Read more
DAGU electronics recently sent me some omni wheels and ball casters to check out. These are great for robots! The double omni wheels have strong steel shafts … Read more
Cool little crab walker, simple 3 servo set-up, programmed in KicChip BASIC. Check out this video of one. Read more
Price: $12.9 USD
If you've been thinking your robot needs more memory or the ability to record/playback sounds like Frits's Drum machine or even if you just want to play with i2c … Read more
This is an educational robot kit produced by Dagu electronics based on the atmega 8 processor. The kit comes with all parts including a manual, CD, serial cable and … Read more
Futurlec has a good range of components, their prices are reasonable, they have no minimum order charge and they deliver around the world.  Postage is a bit slow … Read more
Buy an Orangutan USB programmer with your Baby Orangutan B-328 and save! Read more
Price: $3.95 USD

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Here's a great alternative to normal wheels, these wheels from Parallax ARE COMPATIBLE WITH WHEEL ENCODERS!  Get some IR Trancievers to scan the wheels through the … Read more
Price: $23.5 USD
Available from the parallax website with or without the boe bot kits, this is a great chassis to build on, has plenty of upgrade options, such as the servo turret … Read more
Price: $20 USD
The Light Autonomous Robotic Shield is a kit designed for use with the Arduino. This kit was designed to allow the beginner to easily get their first autonomous … Read more
The Arduino Mega is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega1280 (datasheet). It has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 14 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 … Read more
Price: $13 USD
BlinkM is a "Smart LED", a programmable full-color RGB LED. It is controlled from a small AVR microcontroller (ATtiny45). The user can control the RGB LED over a … Read more
The Wii Nunchuck controller, might be a cool way to control your robot wirellesly, has a joystick, two buttons and an accelerometer inside. Related Links: Nunchuck … Read more
This tiny Xbee 900 rf module is supposed to have a range of 15 miles. We all know that these specs are always best case scenarios that are not attainable in the … Read more
The HD-1900A analog servo from Power HD is a great general-purpose micro servo at a great price. It provides 17% more torque than the HD-1800A, but it weighs 13% … Read more