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2D Ruben tube

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Oh man, I definitely need to build a BBQ now. The Chinese won't know what hit them when I cook their food on music!

That's an interesting idea. Please play ACDC for the steak to get well done and Enya for just keeping it warm :-D

Play some heavy metal to blast the tubes clean after cooking.

That's very cool. I'm not sure if 2D adds enough to the 1D version to make it worth the trouble.

When I taught high school science (chemistry and physics) I used the schools Ruben tube as a demo. I had the demonstration running at the end of the class and when the bell rang none of the kids moved from their seat. They all sat mesmerized by the Ruben tube.

I think rather than making a 2D version, it would be better to have multiple tubes of varying lengths. The various lengths would allow more possibilities of standing waves while a song was played.

Thanks for the link.