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3D Printed Linear actuator

Converts Rotational motion to Linear motion

Here is a custom 3D printed Linear actuator for activating a lever or push/pulling something or other.

If you "Like" the STL files can be found here :- http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:308576

It uses a Cost effective Stepper motor (we all know which one).

From a previous static test i knew that the motor in this worm screw configuration could push close to 2Kgs of force (as measured against my kitchen scales)

The bugbear was thinking of a way to attach a feedback potentiometer to the worm screw...

....I tried linear potentiometers however they were limited in length...
. .... instead I used a 10 turn Linear Pre-set Potentiometer and geared it further down with spur gear.

The whole design was made using "Blender" ... I stuck to general 0.2mm clearances so everything slotted glove-like together.

Printing took a 2 hours, plus 2 more for tweaking .

Eco_Friendly Note :-  When my print is under-way I place heat insulating foam around the print piece ...  
..this stops the cooling fan dropping the temperature of the Heat-Platform unnecessarily, conserving Watts.
.. It also reflects heat back into the Heat-Platform and helps maintain a stable base heat.

Close-up of the Feedback pot .... its the key to the miniturisation . I have left circa 5mm room for adjustments.

I am pleased with the design (although I plan a few upgrades to add extra performance)

I have wired up the system and after a test run I am pleased with how precise the feedback potentiometer is. YAY

Specs :-
40mm (1.5") linear motion (It uses only 25% of the feedback pot ... meaning the leadscrew could be extended to 160mm (6 and 5/16")
Travel time 40mm = <3 minutes
Working Torque :- 1Kg continuous (although I know this stepper will achieve 2Kgs)

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Your work just gets better and better. I remember when you were on a poly morph binge.

Its sad i know..... I still use it though... for quick fixes...

did you happen to vid the lead screw print ,very tidy job in deed.

I am printing @0.1mm Z axis with 50mm/sec speed....

The critical part of construction (this took me quite a few tests) is to marry the screw to the nut-follower just to get that smooth glide. (magic clearance was 0.2mm)

... with printing it just towers up creating its small overhangs without battering an eyelid.

I am currently designing a GM moter version so will video parts of the Leadscrew build......stay tuned...

regards G