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4WD chassis from DAGU

4wd-1.flv1.53 MB
4WD-2.flv1.48 MB
Vendor's Description: 



1. 4 gear motor:    12V

2. Unloaded speed:    8100 RPM

3. Speed as slowed down:    200 RPM

4. Output power:    60W

5. Unloaded current:  500mA

6. Four 1:8 wheels:  D148mm

7. Maximum driving speed:  200cm/s

8. Dimension of the base:  400*390*105mm

9. Net.weight of the base:  4.3kg

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Is it driven by gear motors or continuous servos? I don`t suppose it comes with radio control equipment right?

This looks like what I need also.  Could you please post some more info about it?


Looks great, I love playing with these types of chassis.
How about adding quadrature encoders to the motors?
Does DAGU have any plans for a 4wd chassis with suspension? (similar to larger radio control model trucks)
Looks like the 4WD Rover by Lynxmotion. What is the price for the Rover and the the RC control?

I'd love to see pictures of the inside, to get an idea of how much room there is in there after the motors are fitted.

What kind of motors is it? 

What is the chassis made of? -Aluminium? -Plastic? -at 4.3Kg it's either made of steel or those motors are huge...


this looks a great chassis!! 

more info please  :D

Very nice base, looks sturdy, great outdoor bot beginnings.
looks good, where could i buy one, and how much??

There have been a lot of very exicting new DAGU products described by Claudia. Are there any western distriuters that carry them?

I have purchased some itemes directly from DAGU, but the shipping cost is almostt 50% of the cost of the products.

Sorry friends, the price of this base is a little high. So we are trying to improve it and reduce the cost.

Oddbot will arrive here two weeks later, and he will help us do this.

By then, I will give you all what you want.

Thank you.